István Sokorai chairman and chief executive officer

Ádám Kengyel chief financial officer

Dr. Ágnes Baricz chief legal officer

Zoltán Petresevics technical director

Attila Bednárik equipment and assets director

Dr. Margit Révész HR director

Katalin Herneczki strategy director

Gábor Szakács-Fehérváry business development director

Beams installed on M35 nighttime
More than 30 beams were installed in 10 hours on the bridge of motorway M35 above main road 4 at night on 12 May.
M4 Cegléd bypass kicks off
Colas constructs a 14.4 km long section of motorway M4 between Albertirsa and Cegléd
New Technology in Colas' Portfolio: Latexfalt
Colas and Latexfalt have recently reached an agreement regarding the application of the Latexfalt technology that has been used for installing over one million square metres of flooring in France up to now

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