Beams installed on M35 nighttime
More than 30 beams were installed in 10 hours on the bridge of motorway M35 above main road 4 at night on 12 May.
M4 Cegléd bypass kicks off
Colas constructs a 14.4 km long section of motorway M4 between Albertirsa and Cegléd
History of Colas
  • 1991.05.29

    Colas acquires Észak-magyarországi Kőbánya Vállalat, which starts to operate under the name Colas Északkő Bányászati Kft.

  • 1992.12.07

    Colas acquires public utility building ALTERRA Építőipari Kft.

  • 1996.04.22

    Road constructing companies EGÚT Zrt. and Debmut Zrt. join the Colas Group

  • 1997.06.12

    Colas Hungária Kft. is founded

  • 1997.12.06

    Colas' first major motorway project, the 12-km-long bypass section of Kecskemét on motorway M5 is completed

  • 2004.09.07

    EGÚT Rt. and Debmut Rt. complete the section of motorway M3 between Polgár and Görbeháza

  • 2006.12.31

    Colas Északkő sells a record amount of 4.5 million tons of aggregates

  • 2007.11.21

    Colas contracts for the largest project of the international group to that date – the M6 motorway construction

  • 2009.06.30

    ALTERRA Építőipari Kft. is renamed to Colas Alterra Zrt.

  • 2009.08.18

    Colas Út Zrt. takes over the leading role from EGÚT Zrt. and Debmut Zrt. in road construction

  • 2010.08.01

    Colas Alterra's largest project: the Budapest Central Wastewater Treatment Plant is completed

  • 2012.08.23

    The first widened and reconstructed section of ring road M0 is completed by Colas Hungária and Colas Út

  • 2013.08.16

    Colas Alterra signs the contract for reconstructing Budapest’s tram line 1, the company’s largest rail transport project to this date

  • 2014.12.01

    For the first time in the group’s history, Colas Hungária, Colas Alterra and Colas Út move in together as they occupy the new headquarters in Bocskai Road

  • 2016.11.14

    Colas Közlekedésépítő Kft. is established as the newest member of the company group

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