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The predecessor of Colas Alterra, Csatornaépítő Vállalat (Sewer Construction Company) was founded over 60 years ago, in 1951. Characterised by tradition and renewal, and in possession of immense know-how and experience, the company has remained one of the key participants on the market throughout the past decades. Through hundreds of public utility-, environmental-, flood control- and urban rehabilitation projects, we have proved our commitment to quality, precision, reliability and innovativeness.

Integrated management system

Certifications issued by independent international organisations confirm that Colas Alterra is performing its activities with a high standard of organisation and professionalism, while being devoted to quality, safety, and protection of the environment.

Colas Alterra’s certificates

  • MSZ EN ISO 9001 Quality management system
  • MSZ EN ISO 14001 Environmental management system
  • OHSAS 18001 Occupational health and safety management system
  • MSZ EN ISO 50001 Energy management system
  • MSZ EN ISO 3834 Welding quality certificate
  • Certification for the construction and designing of nuclear facilities
  • VCA/SCC 2008/5.1 Safety Management System



Construction Industry Award for Excellence

Reinforcing the good reputation of reliable companies by rewarding the exemplary organisation, management and excellent quality of their construction works serves the interest of the entire profession. It carries the message that it is worth deepening the appreciation for constructors through outstanding performance and long-lasting, exquisite constructions. The Construction Industry Award for Excellence is presented with this purpose each year.

Award for Excellence 2013 - Budapest Central Sewage Treatment Plant

Colas Alterra received the award jointly with Hídépítő in the “infrastructure” category for carrying out the Budapest Central Sewage Treatment Plant project.

Award for Excellence 2013 - BCSTP main current drainage

The main current drainage of the Budapest Central Sewage Treatment Plant was recognised with the Award for Excellence in the “environmental and water engineering facilities” category.

For the second time, Alterra’s regional director, Attila Pappert received the Creator Award of the Hungarian Engineering Chamber.

Award for Excellence 2011 - Ferencváros pump station, stormwater network

In 2011, we received the Construction Industry Award for Excellence for the second year running – this time for upgrading the stormwater network at the Ferencváros pump station.

From the award-winning team, site manager Zsolt Farkas also received the Creator Award from the Hungarian Engineering Chamber’s Construction Industry Department.

Award for Excellence 2010 - Szeged main collector

In 2010, Colas Alterra Zrt. nominated the Szeged main collector in the “infrastructure” category, and went on to clinch the prize.

Certificate of Merit 2010 – Tiszaroff flood control reservoir

In 2010, we received a Certificate of Merit in the “environmental and water engineering” category for the flood control reservoir at Tiszaroff.

Our regional director, Attila Pappert received the Creator Award of the Hungarian Engineering Chamber’s Construction Industry Department in the same year.

Tierney Clark Prize

The Prize is awarded by the Hungarian Engineering Chamber and the Association of Hungarian Consulting Engineers and Architects to the civil engineering facility deemed best by the judging committee in terms of design, preparation and execution.

Tierney Clark Prize 2010 - Kelenföld pump station

In 2010, Colas Alterra received a certificate of merit for the pump house complex located at the Kelenföld pump station.


Corporate awards

Stollmayer Prize

The Stollmayer Prize, founded by Alterra in 2002, is awarded to colleagues who contribute to the company’s results with exceptional technical innovations, outstanding performance on a project, or continuous high-standard engineering work. Winners of the Stollmayer Prize:

  • 2015 - Szilvia Major, Dániel Erdős
  • 2013 - Ferenc Gulyás, Dániel Erdős
  • 2012 - Szabolcs Tóth
  • 2011 - Gergely Geönczeöl
  • 2010 - Zsolt Farkas
  • 2009 - Mónika Horváth
  • 2009 - Ferenc Gulyás
  • 2008 - Dániel Erdős
  • 2007 - Tamás Sebestény
  • 2006 - Sándor Egri
  • 2005 - Tamás Erdős
  • 2004 - Péter Oláh
  • 2003 - Attila Pappert
  • 2002 - Zoltán Szűcs

Alterra Lifetime Achievement Award

In each year since 2003, the Lifetime Achievement Award has been presented to long-time employees who made great contributions to the company’s achievements through decades of continuous, persistent and tireless work. We are especially thankful for their loyalty:

  • 2015 - Gabriella Molnárné Kecskés
  • 2013 - Imre Fenyős
  • 2012 - János Jánosi
  • 2012 - Erzsébet Burghardtné Keszte
  • 2011 - Ferenc Jugenheimer
  • 2010 - Ferenc Karakó
  • 2010 - László Urbán
  • 2009 - Géza Kiss
  • 2008 - János Horváth
  • 2008 - László Vanya
  • 2007 - Béla Juhász
  • 2005 - Gábor Szöllősi
  • 2004 - Katalin Repkényi
  • 2004 - Ernő Antal
  • 2003 - András Zachár
Alterra Builds Passive House
The Hermina Happy Land passive house is constructed by Colas Alterra in Budapest, District 14. The 8-storey building, that accommodates 255 flats, will be the largest passive house in Eastern Europe.
Civil Engineering Week at the Budapest University of Technology
The four-day event organised by the Faculty of Civil Engineering was backed by Colas, and featured a site visit at the tram tunnel constructed by Alterra at the Buda abutment of the Chain Bridge.
Dragon Boats on the Danube
With the support of Colas Alterra, the Bridge Builders’ Society held the third annual Bridge Builders’ Day on 16 May, the feast day of Saint John of Nepomuk, patron saint of rivers, bridges, and mariners.

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