COL3 LOT3 Baross Street relief drain - Colas Alterra
COL3 LOT3 Baross Street relief drain
The drain construction job is related to the Budapest Central Wastewater Treatment Plant project, and its goal is to relieve already existing main collectors. The contract was signed between Colas Alterra Zrt., Sade Kft. and the Major’s Office of Budapest in the beginning of 2012. After designing and
permission processes, works began in March. The works’ completion deadline is October 2012.

Main construction data:

883 m open-ditch drain construction (Baross St. and Őr St.),

55 m drain construction with pipe jacking (Baross St.),

30 m ø400 gas-line construction.

Client: Budapest Főváros Főpolgármesteri Hivatala

Starting date: 20/02/2012Kezdés: 2012.02.20.

Completion date: 31/10/2012Befejezés: 2012.10.31.

Location: Budapest

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