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Creek-bed regulation in Székesfehérvár
We commenced the regulation works of the Varga Channel in Székesfehérvár following the corresponding order from the local authority. The channel is part of the city’s surface drainage network, and its role is becoming increasingly important in the system. The regulation of its last segment opens the possibility for the unified management of suburban stormwater drains, and solves the drainage of waters from extremely intense rainfalls, which tend to occur increasingly often.

Pursuant to the designs drawn up by the Székesfehérvár Office of City Management and Public Utilities, we constructed a bed paved with reinforced concrete “U” units, and the turf-block-covered slope pavement serving to drain larger quantities of stormwater. In addition, we also built natural stone pavements on some intermediate sections. The connection between the city centre and the Palotaváros residential district was ensured with the installation of a box culvert, which replaced an old bridge suitable for pedestrian traffic only. As part of the investment, we reconstructed the pavement on the affected section of Bőrgyár Street, where we also set up new guardrails. As a sort of Christmas present, the technical handover was completed on 14 December, instead of the originally planned date of 12 January.

Throughout the construction works, we devoted special attention to protecting and preserving the environment: we halved the quantity of tree cuttings, and planted 40 saplings after finishing the landscaping work phase. Within a couple of years, the trees will hopefully contribute to a more pleasant residential area. The same purpose is served by a parallel investment, which resulted in a new road between the district and the city centre. Subsequent to the handover, the mayor of Székesfehérvár held a press conference on the completion of the project and other topics concerning urban development.

Client: Székesfehérvár Önkormányzata

Starting date: 12/10/2016Kezdés: 2016.10.12.

Completion date: 14/12/2016Befejezés: 2016.12.14.

Location: Székesfehérvár

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