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The company’s predecessor, Észak-magyarországi Kőbánya Vállalat (Northern Hungarian Quarrying Company) joined the Colas Group under the name Colas Északkő Bányászati Kft. on 29 May 1991. Our 11 quarries are located in North-eastern Hungary, between the Danube and the Zemplén Mountains, while our gravel pit is situated outside the village of Tiszatarján, near the Tisza River.

Our manufacturing procedures are in compliance with harmonised EN standards, and our products are marketed for the following applications:

  • various structural layers of road- and railway construction,
  • construction and reinforcement of riverbanks, dams,
  • natural stone for civil engineering and building construction jobs,
  • crushed rhyolite tuff for ceramic manufacturing, soil improvement, for filtration and wastewater handling.

On request, the in-situ crushing/classification of demolition waste is also feasible with our mobile crusher- and classifier equipment.

Management systems

  • In 1997, the company’s facilities started operating in accordance with quality assurance systems
  • Since 2003, procedures are regulated in line with EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001 quality- and environmental management standards
  • In 2005, we were granted the use of the Hungarian National Ecolabel
  • In 2006, we introduced the SCC management system for occupational health and safety
  • For the sake of optimising our management systems, we introduced an integrated management system in 2014

Quality control

The Integrated Management System operated by the company – in conformance with EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 14001 and the relevant product standards – serve the goal of aiding effective production and furthering the trust laid on us by our partners. The following product standards and specifications are governing with regard to the production and marketing of our products:

  • Our products marked Z, NZ and KZ are recommended primarily for asphalt- and concrete mixes. These materials are produced and marketed in line with the EN 13043 and EN 12620 standards, in keeping with the e-UT 05.01.12 (ÚT 2-3.601-1) Hungarian Road Technical Specifications.
  • We are offering our 32/50 and 32/63 particle size products for railway ballast material – the quality control for these products is in accordance with the EN 13450 standard and the relevant specifications issued by MÁV Hungarian State Railways (MÁV 102345/1995. PHMSZ, amendment A 4).
  • Our products marked M and FZKA are recommended primarily for the base layers and protective layers of roads and other pavement structures. These materials are produced in line with the EN 13242 product standard, in keeping with the e-UT 06.03.52 (ÚT 2-3.207) Hungarian Road Technical Specifications.
  • Our products marked VSZ, and having a particle size distribution of 0/D, are recommended for earthworks, protective- and improving layers, foundation structures and engineering structures. These materials are produced in line with the EN 13242 product standard.
  • Our coarse fractionVSZ products with d/D particle size distribution are recommended for unbound applications, and are produced/marketed in line with the EN 13242 product standard.
  • Our crushed rhyolite tuff products are also produced in accordance with the EN 13242 product standard, and marketed for agricultural applications with specific permits.

Production control is performed in the frequency specified by the aforementioned product standards. Most of the related tests are carried out in our Central Laboratory set up at the Tállya quarry, and working as an organisational unit completely separated from production. In addition, calibrated testing equipment required for the most common particle size tests are available in each of our plants.

The quality of our products is certified in declarations of performance – the form and content of the declarations are in line with Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council, as well as Hungarian Government Decree 275/2013. (VII. 16.).

The declarations of performance are valid jointly with the delivery notes; the declarations are applicable for certifying the performance of the given product in the quantities indicated on the delivery notes.

Corporate social responsibility

Contributing to children’s health programmes is among the top priorities of Colas Északkő, and regular sporting activities are undoubtedly a key factor to health. Football and handball are among the most well-known and most popular team sports. Therefore, we are supporting sporting clubs in several settlements throughout Hungary under the so-called TAO-programme (which opened the possibility for companies to offer a portion of their corporate taxes to spectator sport-related purposes).

  • Sárospataki Torna Club - Handball section (court reconstruction)

  • Tállya KSE (sporting goods, accessories)

  • Gyöngyössolymos SE (sporting goods)
Zoltán Cseh General Manager Honoured
Zoltán Cseh was recently decorated with the Silver Cross of Merit of Hungary. The CEO of Colas Északkő Bányászati Kft. received the honour from the President of Hungary for his work in support of the country’s road construction, motorway construction, and railway reconstruction programmes.
Modern access control system introduced in Tállya
The new system will soon be armed to speed up loading and administrative tasks
Colas Manager Receives Award
The Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Chamber of Industry and Commerce honours figures of the business world, outstandingly performing enterprises, and corporate leaders on a regular basis. With regard to the rich history of cooperation between the Chamber and Colas Északkő Kft., the Management Award and the accompanying statuette – created by sculptor Éva Varga – was presented to Északkő’s managing director, Zoltán Cseh, on 30 January 2016.

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