Dust and noise level measurement in Kesztölc - Colas Északkő
Dust and noise level measurement in Kesztölc

2013. 10. 07..

On 7 October, dust emission and noise level measurements were implemented at the Kesztölc quarry acquired by Colas Északkő in the autumn of 2011. The tests carried out by GEON System Kft focussed on inhalable dust and workplace noise levels, and involved three of our colleagues working at the site with front loaders, excavators and dump trucks. The measurement was necessary to examine our employees’ exposure to dust and noise stress.

Coals Északkő wishes to increase production in the Kesztölc quarry, making it a priority to have reliable health and safety data prior to initiating the capacity enhancement. Inhalable dust measurements were analysed and evaluated by Bálint Analitika Kft. Testing devices were attached onto the employees’ clothing, while the sampling sensors were placed by participating experts at approximately 15 centimetres from the respiratory tract. The duration of testing was just short of four hours, and the equipment were collecting data continuously. This was crucial to make ourselves aware of dust exposure occurring throughout the staff’s normal daily routine. Noise levels stayed below intervention values in case of all three machine operators involved in the testing.

All measurement results showed dust concentration and noise remained within the allowed limits. Consequently, the assessment of the inspection stated that values did not breach health and safety thresholds during either of the work processes. We have forwarded the test records to the relevant authority.

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