Roman road in Tállya - Colas Északkő
Roman road in Tállya

2015. 04. 06..

Via Romana constructed a roman road trial section in Tállya, where the crew from the local government’s stone mason workshop selected the block stones. The layers were made of separately-compacted M80 and M22 natural stone from Tállya, but the trial section was built with three distinct technologies. On the first ten metres, the block stones were placed into an M22 bedding without adding cement, while joints were sealed with cement grout and cemented sand. On the second section – in accordance with Roman specifications – we used a cement-bound bedding and cement grout for sealing joints. On the third stretch however, C20 concrete was applied, with the regular cement grout sealant. The trial section will be put to a tough test, as heavy vehicles will pass through this road segment when entering or leaving the plant.

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