Weight restrictions introduced on the roads crossing Tokaj - Colas Északkő
Weight restrictions introduced on the roads crossing Tokaj

2014. 02. 03..

The administrative procedure related to the weight restrictions on the roads crossing Tokaj in case of road transport from the mines of Colas Északkő Kft. located in the Tokaj-Hegyalja region:

Following negotiations with the Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Directorate of Magyar Közút Nonprofit Zrt., the shipping of aggregate products manufactured at our Tállya, Tarcal, Bodrogkeresztúr and Sárospatak plants will remain feasible to the Tiszántúl and Bodrogköz regions without detours, despite the recently imposed weight restrictions.

The operators of the vehicles transporting the materials are to file a request in advance:

  • via mail to the BAZ County Directorate (BAZ Megyei Igazgatóság) of Magyar Közút Nonprofit Zrt. (H-3529 Miskolc, Soltész Nagy Kálmán u. 173.)
  • in urgent cases, simultaneously via e-mail to the info@borsod.kozut.hu address.

The request should include the following:

  • a copy of the shipping contract for the given project or facility (with the financial terms of the agreement redacted), or the client’s statement referencing the shipping contract, which certifies the shipping activity performed under the contract,
  • the loading and unloading stations – in our case, the location of the mine and of the destination (construction site or industrial facility),
  • the planned time interval of the shipping activities,
  • copies of the registration certificates of the vehicles (tractors and trailers) taking part in the given shipping tasks.

Regarding the issued permits, the Miskolc Directorate of Magyar Közút will notify the operators of the given vehicles and the police divisions having jurisdiction on the given routes.

According to information released by the Miskolc Directorate of Magyar Közút, the roads affected by the restrictions may only be accessed – subsequent to issuance of the permit – with vehicles having an electronic toll collection OBU (on-board unit).

In order to ease increased administrative duties, we will notify the Miskolc Directorate of Magyar Közút on the observations of Colas Északkő and shipping contractors, and on our related recommendations.

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