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The newest member of the Group, Colas Közlekedésépítő Zrt. was established in late 2016. Its predecessor – the Motorway Directorate, which operated under Colas Hungária Zrt., but as an autonomous organisational unit – became widely known as the contractor responsible for such large-scale projects as the 30-kilometre long section of the M6 motorway between Szekszárd and Véménd, where 3 viaducts and 32 other structures were erected within a 2-year period. Its further references include a 12-kilometre-long leg of the M31 motorway, and 7 kilometres from the southern sector of the M0 – both of which are concrete-paved motorway sections. Later on, the unit was renamed to Major Projects Division, and continued operations on – among other investments – the Nyíregyháza-Vásárosnamény section of the M3, the M85 between Enese and Csorna, and the Szamos-Kraszna water inlet structure, as well as the construction and renovation of numerous bridges.

Similarly to the Major Projects Division, the organisation of Közlekedésépítő is divided into a structural- and a road construction department. The first three of the new firm’s large projects are the Hódmezővásárhely bypass section of road 47, the Cegléd bypass leg of the M4 motorway, and the M35, where Közlekedésépítő was entrusted with building the pavement structure.

Our management system is certified by Bureau Veritas:

Hódmezővásárhely Bypass Under Traffic
With Colas Út, Colas Közlekedésépítő and Colas Hungária all among the major contributors, the 13-kilometre-long Hódmezővásárhely bypass section of main road 47 has been finished in a record-short 18 months. The road was handed over to the traffic on 22 March.
Beams installed on M35 nighttime
More than 30 beams were installed in 10 hours on the bridge of motorway M35 above main road 4 at night on 12 May.
Ground Breaking Ceremony on Motorway M35
The joint bid of Colas Hungária Zrt. and Colas Út Zrt. proved to be the cheapest valid offer for the M35 motorway’s new section between main road 4 and the Debrecen Airport access road (chainages 43+620 - 49+050 km). The 5,430-metre-long motorway leg requires the construction of two overpasses, three underpasses and two interchanges, with a need for nearly one million cubic metres of embankment material. The ground breaking ceremony was held on 6th July, 2016.

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