Csaba Szenteczki exhibition at Bécsi Road Colas Hungária
Csaba Szenteczki exhibition at Bécsi Road

2012. 12. 21..

The graphic artist’s exhibition, entitled “Step Into the Fabulous World of Fairy Tales”, was staged at our Bécsi Road conference room.
Usually a venue for conferences, training courses, and other professional gatherings, the meeting room of the Technology Directorate’s Bécsi Road office building accommodates exhibitions more and more often. The “gallery” that previously displayed works from the Colas photo competitions and our recent children’s art contest again served as an art hall last December. We organised an exhibition of graphic artist Csaba Szenteczki’s illustrations based on fairy tales.
The pieces on display will decorate Nóra Végh’s upcoming book, Csillagmesék. However, this is not the first time the artist prepares illustrations for children’s storybooks: Gergely Péterfy’s volume, Misikönyv – already available in bookstores – is also embellished by Csaba Szenteczki’s graphics.
Hopefully, the Colas Bécsi Road “gallery” will provide a showcase for more works of art in the near future.
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