The history of Colas - Colas Hungária Colas Hungária

The history of Colas

  • The Group’s newest member, Colas Közlekedésépítő Zrt. founded.

  • First in the Group’s history, Colas Hungária, Colas Alterra and Colas Út move in together to the new headquarters on...

  • Colas Alterra signs the contract for reconstructing tramline 1 in Budapest, which is the company’s largest rail project to this...

  • The section of the M0 motorway ring widened and renovated by Colas Hungária and Colas Út is handed over.

  • Colas Alterra finishes its largest project ever, the Budapest Central Wastewater Treatment Plant.

  • Colas Út Zrt. takes over the role of EGÚT Rt. and Debmut Rt. in the forefront of road construction.

  • ALTERRA Építőipari Kft. is transformed into Colas Alterra Zrt.

  • Colas signs the contract for the international Group’s largest project so far, the M6 motorway.

  • Colas Északkő sells a record 4.5 tonnes of crushed stone products.

  • EGÚT Rt. and Debmut Rt. complete the M3 motorway section between Polgár and Görbeháza.

  • As the first major motorway construction project of Colas, the 12-kilometre-long Kecskemét bypass section of the M5 is handed over.

  • Colas Hungária Kft. called to life.

  • Road-building firms EGÚT Rt. and Debmut Rt. join the Colas Group.

  • Colas acquires utility construction company ALTERRA Építőipari Kft.

  • Colas acquires Észak-magyarországi Kőbánya Vállalat, which resumes operation under the name Colas Északkő Bányászati Kft.

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