Palotabozsok Viaduct (M6 Motorway) - Colas Közlekedésépítő
Palotabozsok Viaduct (M6 Motorway)
After passing through Tunnel “D” on the M6 motorway, we reach the valley of Palotabozsok at the 172.7 km section which is spanned by a 460-meter long and 26-meter high viaduct. The right and left side carriageway of the bridge are built apart and separated by 11 meters because of the vicinity of the adjacent tunnels. The bridge’s structure consists of 32.8 meter long and 1.2 meter high prefabricated FCI-120 reinforced concrete girders. The real challenge was when 420 girders of this size had to be hoisted to heights varying between 10 and 26 meters, after having built the 17 supporting pillars. The diameter of each circular pillar is 120 cm (their total length amounts to approx. 2000 meters) and were built using climbing formwork.

Client: Ministry of Economy and Transport

Starting date: 02/12/2007Kezdés: 2007.12.02.

Completion date: 31/03/2010Befejezés: 2010.03.31.

Location: Véménd

Length: 460 mHossz: 460 m
Number of lanes: 2x2Sávok száma: 2x2
Number of beams: 420Gerendák száma: 420
Pile length: 8 000 mCölöphossz: 8 000 m
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