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The bridge over the Hungarian-Slovakian border was put into operation at the end of October, and its construction had a
On 20 April 2022, the foundation stone of the Drégelypalánk Ipoly Bridge was laid, the new border bridge was built
As previously reported, the two parts of the project in Hungary are being invested in by National Infrastructure Developing Zrt.,
In M4 Abony - Törökszentmiklós section this is the largest bridge under construction, built by Colas Közlekedésépítő Zrt.
We started building the section of the M30 motorway between chainages 59+320 and 64+700 km in March 2018, and the
The second section has been completed on M4 in the region within a year. The task of Colas on the
The new correctional section of main road 3 is completed on expressway M25 between Füzesabony and Kerecsend.
The Győr-Enese section of M85 is an integral part of a high-speed road, which leads between Győr and Szombathely and
Elektromos sportautó az M0 munkaterületén 3
The 180 kWh electric engine of Siemens can propel the Porsche Carrera 997 roadster up to a speed of 220
Árvízvédelmi munkák Felsőzsolcán és környékén 2
Colas Alterra and Colas Hungária are participating in the construction of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County’s complex flood control system set to prevent
Earthworks go ahead on the M3
Large-scale earthworks have started on the newly-constructed section of the M3 motorway. Embankments are being constructed from sand dunes for
Épül a csepeli HÉV híd 1
In relation with the ridge-road project of Csepel, Southern Budapest, the bridge engineers of Colas Hungary have started the construction
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Thanks to the custom made formwork elements, the composite deck slab of the Háros Danube bridge on the M0 motorway
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During the preparation phase for the project, a number of environmentally sensitive obligations had come up, among them tree cutting
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On the Enese-Csorna section of the M85 currently under construction, pipe torching took place on 29 May 2014.
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Following an order from Porr Építési Kft., Colas Hungária Zrt. built 75,000 m2 of new SMA 11 (mF) 25/55-65 asphalt
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We handed over the section of the M3 motorway between main road 49 and Vásárosnamény on 10 October 2014, before
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Celebrating the completion of a bridge by rolling a barrel across the deck is a longstanding tradition.
Our colleague, Máté Szabó's 8-year-old son, Bence, won the costume contest at the carnival of Debrecen-Csapókert Elementary School.
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The Major Projects Division won tenders forworks of the T1 retaining wall on the M0 motorway ring, and the conversion
Éjszakai gerendaemelés az M35-ösön 1
32 units of 30.8-metre-long FCI-120 beams were lifted to place at the bridge of the M35 motorway above main road
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The ground breaking ceremony was held on 6th July, 2016.
Works on the road 47 bypass came to another milestone on 17 October
The Hódmezővásárhely bypass section of main road 47 has been finished in a record-short 18 months.
Colas Közlekedésépítő is to rebuild another bridge in Budapest.
Beams were lifted to place at the interchange of the M3 and the M25.
Hungary’s largest bronze-age cemetery was explored on the future path of the M30 near Encs
Mercedes gyár - Építési közművek 4
On 29 March 2012, production started in the Kecskemét plant of Mercedes-Benz. Colas was present on the site right from the start of the
We kicked off works on the M4 motorway between the M0 and Cegléd (chainages 70+500 - 73+235 km) in December
Csepeli HÉV-híd 2
Construction of the Csepel ridge road required conversion and reconstruction of the existing HÉV (suburban railway) bridge. The works have
Csepeli HÉV-híd 2
A mintegy 60 m hosszú, háromnyílású hidat síkalapozással és monolit felszerkezettel tervezték. A már meglevő híd részleges elbontása után 2010.
Hódmezővásárhely elkerülő műtárgyak
Colas Közlekedésépítő Kft. is constructing the below engineering structures on the Hódmezővásárhely bypass section of main road 47: Underpass B046 in
M35 autópálya I. ütem (4-es út-481-es reptéri bekötőút) 14
The first phase of the section between Debrecen and Berettyóújfalu of motorway M35 constructed between main roads 4 and 481 will be
M6 autópálya Szekszárd-Véménd
The Motorway Directorate of Colas Hungária Zrt. constructed the largest among the projects of Colas Group so far: Motorway M6
The 12.4 km long M31 motorway links the eastern sector of motorway M0 and the Gödöllő interchange of motorway M3.
The Szamos-Kraszna flood-control reservoir is the Major Projects Division’s largest water-engineering job. Following preparatory earthworks, the reinforced concrete sheet-pile foundation for the main structure and
M85 autóút Enese-Csorna
On the Enese-Csorna sector, our assignment comprises seven kilometres of 2x2 lane expressway, as well as the erection of five
In the first months of the year, Colas Közlekedésépítő and the Major Projects Division were awarded the contract for reconstructing
We are currently working on connecting the city of Eger to Hungary’s high-speed road network with a 2x2-lane road, which
Renovation works kicked off in 2016 on nearly the entire stretch of the 200-kilometre-long Prague-Brno stage of the Czech D1
Hídfelújítások az M5-ös bevezetőn 2
The Major Projects Division won the tender launched by BKK (Centre for Budapest Transport) regarding the reconstruction of the bridges
M5 elválasztósáv korszerűsítés 1
Our Major Projects Division was awarded the project of exchanging steel guard rails with precast concrete barriers on motorway M5.
M0-M7 autópálya csomópont átépítés 4
During the reconstruction of the interchange of motorways M0 and M7, new public road connection will be built in the vicinity
Rátóti híd felújítás 2
Colas Hungária’s Major Projects Division is currently working on the modernisation of the Rátóti railway overpass between Szentgotthárd and Körmend.
Százlábú híd felújítás 2
The structure is of high importance considering both the road transport of Budapest and the Hungarian State Railway Company’s infrastructure
M3 autópálya 49-es út-Vásárosnamény 1
As a member of the "M3 Kraszna 2012 Consortium", Colas Hungária was awarded the construction works of the motorway M3
M86 Szombathely-Vát hidak
The “Szombathely MK86” Consortium commenced works on main road 86 between Szombathely and Vát in the summer of 2012. As
Hárosi Duna-híd pályalemez 1
As a subcontractor of Közgép, responsible for the construction of Háros Bridge on motorway M0, the Major Projects Division of
Mezőberényi közúti felüljáró 4
The railway overpass of main road 47 was built by Colas Hungária's Major Projects Division in Mezőberény. The new bridge replaced the level
Szentgotthárdi duzzasztó 1
The Western-Transdanubian Water Directorate signed the contract with Colas Hungária Zrt. on 16 April 2012 for reconstruction works of the
Árvízvédelmi rendszer Felsőzsolcán és környékén 3
The circular embankment around Felsőzsolca is composed of slurry wall compartments. The primary line of defence comprises 1.5- to two-m-high
4-es út Debrecen elkerülő hídjai 1
The 2x1 lane Debrecen bypass crosses over the Debrecen-Tiszalök railway line, and there is a game pass right across the
M3 autópálya Nyíregyháza-49-es út 2
This section of the M3 represents the first Eastern-Hungarian motorway to approach the national border, therefore it could be one
M0 kőrgyűrű déli II. szektor (M6-51-es út)
Colas was tasked with performing roadworks of the M0 motorway’s new carriageway between chainages 12+140 and 17+300, representing a 10% overall
8-as és 72-es utak csomóponti hídja 1
In line with the demands of our modern times and in order to meet the demands of increased traffic, the
M0 kőrgyűrű déli I. szektor (M1-M6) 7
During the widening works of phase 1 of expressway M0, south section between motorways M1 and M6, the expressway was
Sió-híd (M6 autópálya)
On motorway M6, starting southbound from the intersection of M6 and M9, the first bridge to be crossed is Sió
Szebényi völgyhíd (M6 autópálya)
The Szebény Viaduct is the biggest and technically most complex bridge on motorway M6. The bridge spans a wide valley
Palotabozsoki völgyhíd (M6 autópálya) 3
After passing through Tunnel “D” on the M6 motorway, we reach the valley of Palotabozsok at the 172.7 km section
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