Technology day for Budapest experts - Colas Technológia
Technology day for Budapest experts

2011. 09. 20..

Within the frames of the Technology Day held on 20 September 2011, Budapest road maintenance specialists and technical experts could acquaint themselves with the testing methods and equipments of our Central Laboratory.

In his presentation entitled “Advanced eco-friendly road construction technologies and high-performance pavements”, Technical Director Zoltán Puchard elaborated on the Colas Group’s innovation and testing-development activities, while Colas Út CEO Zoltán Boncz introduced the company’s organisation and scope of operations. Regional Director György Zsiga outlined Colas Út’s activities and major projects in the Hungarian capital, mentioning various construction and reconstruction jobs carried out in recent years, and highlighting the application of new technologies. Chief Technologist Ágnes Görgényi informed guests on the introduction of new CEN laboratory tests in Hungary by presenting testing methods for asphalts and related raw materials.

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