Second M30 section is getting going - Colas Út
Second M30 section is getting going

2018. 06. 01..

Colas Út and Colas Hungária joined forces to secure the construction works for the second section of the M30 motorway in December 2017. The project was ordered by the National Infrastructure Development Agency at a price of 75.3 billion forints.
On the 24-kilometre-long path of section II, we are required to build 2×2 traffic lanes with additional hard-paved emergency lanes on both sides. Moreover, we will establish a complex rest area outside Inárcs, as well as a brand-new operation and maintenance centre for public road operator Magyar Közút in the vicinity of Encs. As part of the works, our consortium will have to build 21 different engineering structures, which entirely falls in the scope of Colas Hungária. In order to attach the region to the country’s high-speed bloodstream, we will form two interchanges at Halmaj and Encs, respectively.
In addition to building the main carriageway of the M30, main road 3 will undergo correction at four locations, and we are to establish crossing points for some minor paved and earth roads. Colas was also trusted with relocating and establishing protection for existing utility lines, as well as installing cables for the motorway-management equipment along the entire stretch. However, as the first step we are to prepare the construction designs and obtain the necessary permits.

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