April 2019 – Volume 23, Issue 1 Colas Hungária
Interview with Boris Grintal
Phase 2 of the Duna Terasz project nears completion
Road to a renewed Városligetbe
Pavement reconstruction on the M7
Works proceed smoothly on the M25
More work at Mercedes-Benz’ Kecskemét facility
M70 works unhindered by winter weather
Colas builds turbo roundabout in Kecskemét
Roadworks roar ahead in Veszprém
Introducing Colas-Bayer: the Duna Terasz team
Introducing Colas Északkő’s maintenance unit
42 years at Colas: József Halas
Employees recognised regarding safety
Meeting point: Vienna
Year opens with TD training in Kóspallagon
New IMS-related tasks
Ensuring a safe working environment
Északkő organises safety training
Victory at Colas Europe football cup
HAPA conference on the future
Colas Hungária