August 2020 – volume 24, issue 2 Colas Hungária

We talked with the new CEO of Colas Út about high-volume projects.

A total of 19 kilometers of new way was built as a result of real teamwork.

The new Profit Center Manager of Colas Út in Eastern Hungary expects exciting and challenging work.

Industry interview with Kornél Almássy

Colas Group CSR Guidelines

Interview with Sándor Tóth

Interview with Szabolcs Bartók

A new road isborn: M25 handed over

One of the largest works of the M4 is under construction

Construction of the M30 motorway

Tram track construction in Zugló

Portraits: Employees of the Year 2019

International work: metro investments in Cairo

Meeting point: Paris

Introducing the Kocsel team

Microtunelling in practice

Quarry blasting

Concrete trial section with plastic additive

A new take on road safety

Around the lake in 11 hours

Colas Hungária