August 2022 – volume 26, issue 2 Colas Hungária

In our portrait series, we present the path of the macroeconomic analyst and his cooperation with the Colas Group.

The colorful career path of the newly appointed deputy director responsible for the Central and Northern European region.

What are the challenges faced by the CEO of Colas Közlekkedésépító, who was appointed in March?

Interview with Christopher Dembik
Interview with Thierry Le Roch’
Interview with Zsolt Deim
Interview with Márton Szabó and Dávid Kathy
The construction of the Jászberény bypass is coming to an end
D3 project in the Czech Republic, or microtunnelling
BU-BA cycling route: the Etyek–Tordas section
Well and water quality development project in Budapest
Ipoly bridges by Colas
The Bódva Bridge in Szendrőlád
The rhyolite tuff of Bodrogkeresztúr
Everything you need to know about the training of BIM professionals
Finland: a new member of the Colas family
Meeting point: Helsinki
Engineering and innovation: 3D level control
Family-friendly workplace
Members of works councils and occupational safety representatives were elected
Leadership Academy, or in other words, we “built” the leaders of the future in 2022
Colas Hungária