December 2019 – Volume 23, Issue 4 Colas Hungária

Editorial on the most important changes and achievements of the company group

The aim of the project is the protection of human life and values of economy and environment in the region

Teamwork helps build 21 engineering structures, even Colas Slovakia is on board

Global Transformations, Local Successes
Energy Management System Introduced at Colas
Flood Control Efforts on Lower Tisza
Bridgeworks Roar Ahead on the M30 Motorway
Colas Út Develops Kecskemét-Homokbánya
Colas Alterra Builds Stormwater Main Collector
Gas Line Operations in Budapest
All According to Schedule on M25 Southern Phase
Smooth Progress on M30 Motorway
Colas Út Participates in Komárom Battery Plant Construction
Chateau de Chambord Undergoes Renovation
Introducing the Sáfár Brigade
Meeting Point: Zagreb
Employees of the Year 2018 Visit Geneva
Open Days at Colas Északkő
This Year’s Edition of ÚTLAB Trainings
Miners’ Day Festivities at Colas Északkő
Hungarian Squad Advances from Colas Team Cup Semis with Silver Medal
Fourteen Colas Europe Countries Take Part in Budapest Marathon
Silver Medal at the NIF Cup
BEWC Chairman Visits Hungary
MAÚT Celebrates Jubilee with Conference
City of Eger Hosts National Transport Conference
Colas Hungária