December 2022 – volume 26, issue 3 Colas Hungária

We asked four senior managers: what can we expect next year within the group, what message do they have for employees?

The Colas "ambassadors" give lectures in high schools and universities to the new generation of builders.

We present a timeline of the past year at Colas, from BIM through this year's Dialogue Survey to the Team Cup.

Industry interview Bálint Horváth economic expert
Focus on our work in 2022
What happened in 2022?
Leadership messages for 2023
Six bridges on the 83 motorway
Construction of the 260 motorway between Miskolc and Bánréve
Construction of the Kvassay pumping station
Road renovation in the wild
Meeting point: British Columbia, Canada
Experimental road construction on road 2106 j.
On corporate sustainability
Connected BIM at Colas
Colas Team Cup
Internship programme: building for the next generation
What does the Dialogue survey show?
Colas Hungária