July 2019 – Volume 23, Issue 2 Colas Hungária
Interview with Guillaume Mounier
Interview with Colas Alterra CEO, László Görbedi
Interview with István Dudás, Freshly-Appointed Equipment Director of Colas Hungária
Tiszatarján Gravel Pit Back in Action
Colas Assists in Emergency Near the M25
Bridge Building Works in Western Hungary
Trial Period at Pincehely
Pavement Reconstruction Completed on M1
Colas Út Gets Busy in Kecskemét
Turbo Roundabout Commissioned on Road 51
Work Under Way on Last Section of M30
Smooth Operations on the M4
My Dad Works Here, Too
Meeting Point: Bratislava
“How Can You Run Like That?” – Ultrabalaton 2019
Pavement Structure Dimensioning
State-Of-The-Art Mixing Plants in Felsőzsolca and Jánosháza
Colas Mines: Introducting Nógrádkövesd (Szanda Quarry)
Family Day at Budapest Railway Museum
Colas Europe Top Management Days
Colas Hungária