October 2013 – Volume 17, Issue 2 Colas Hungária
Sustainable roads
Training Sessions at Colas
Flood-Control Works Along the Danube
The M3 to be Continued Towards Vásárosnamény
M85: Colas Builds Two Further Sections
Finishing Touches on the Structures of the M86 between Szombathely and Vát
Bike Road to Oradea
Airport Reconstruction at Pér
The Sajókaza-Felsőnyárád Connecting Road Undergoes Reconstruction
Alterra Builds Biogas Plant in Miskolc
New Wastewater Network near the Tápió Creek
Wastewater Network Reconstruction in Tolna
A Busy Summer at the Törley Factory
Meeting point: Balatonfüred
Guinness World Record in Tokaj
Half Marathon in Budapest
Saab Meeting on the M0
Road Safety on Two Wheels
Medical Examinations at Colas
Our Visit to Colas CZ’s Bitumen Plant
Colas Mixing Sites – Part 1: Felsőzsolca
Colas Hungária