Mosaic – Magazine of the Colas Group

July 2017 – Volume 21, Issue 2

Interview with Patrick Pujalte, HR director of Colas CED * Interview with István Sipos * Apafa logistics park opens its gates * Oscar Niemeyer: The man who built the city of his dreams * Colas Út works on Veszprém logistics centre * Alterra helps out in the city of Nitra * State-of-the-art sewage-disposal solutions in Budaörs * Colas Alterra to build sewer network in Máriaújfalu * Flood-control works on the lower Tisza * Colas renovates Nagysándor József street overpass * Colas subsidiaries make their return to Eger * Road reconstruction in district II of Budapest * Pavement construction at the Lajta rest area * Parking-lot renewal in Mór * Colas runners Lake Balaton once again * Jászberény mixing site undergoes modernisation * Complex upgrades in the Colas Északkő laboratory * Software-based support for the optimization of energy use * 2nd bitumen emulsion day in Székesfehérvár

April 2017 – Volume 21, Issue 1

Interview with Thierry Le Roch' * Interview with Attila Takács * Hungarian Colas Group undergoes tranformation * Colas builds promenade along the Danube for pedestrians and cyclists * Bed regulation in Székesfehérvár * Colas builds weigh station at the M43 * A widening array of works in the city of Jászfényszaru * Colas Út engaged in works at the Tatabánya industrial park * Colas begins works on Hódmezővásárhely bypass * French Colas subsidiaries ace airport job * "A bridge is more than a way to cross an obstacle" * Over 100 years of production in the Szob andesite quarry * Aggregate storage facility under construction in Töltéstava * Colas Út receives four new front loaders * Colas Hungária performs stiffness tests * Technological training in Monor * Security meeting in Tarcal

December 2016 – Volume 20, Issue 3

Colas Északkő publishes book about quarrying in the Tokaj highlands * A new energetic specialist on the Colas team * Interview with Adél Domján, the new OHSMS manager of Colas Hungária * Interview with retired director, Zoltán Cseh * Colas tests new modelling technology * Drone survey at road 47 * Siófok sewage-treatment plant construction nears the finish line * Alterra works on Central Europe's largest passive house * Colas builds forest road in Zala county * Colas launches works on motorway M35 * Bridge reconstructions on motorway M5 * M4 pump stations completed * Sewer construction under Halomi road * Colas widens road 21 to four lanes * Road reconstructions go on in district XI * Team Colas defends title at the second NIF cup * How we ran the 31st Budapest Marathon * Disaster management drills at the facilities of Colas Északkő * Ignition-method asphalt testing around the corner? * Sustainable roads * Latexfalt: A new technology in the Colas portfolio

July 2016 – Volume 20, Issue 2

25-year-old Colas Északkő - Interview with Sándor Hollókői, retired manager of the Tállya plant * WattWay – Photovoltaic road forward * Északkő opens new depot in Dunakeszi * Colas transforms motorway interchange near Törökbálint * Public ultility reconstruction in Székesfehérvár * Görgey Artúr street undergoes renovation * Modern, refurbished tram platforms in Újbuda * LEGO to expand Nyíregyháza factory * Chemark cooperates with Colas Út once again in Veszprém county * Maglódi road becomes safer and more comfortable to use * Colas Út hands over P+R parking lot in Cinkota * Meeting point: Szeged * The last of  the stonemasons * ”The bridge-building profession is like a man’s life” - Interview with Ferenc Ivók * Colas employees run full circle around lake Balaton * 67 years of the Recsk quarry * Production receives green light at the Kéthely mixing site * Central laboratory’s accreditation re-certified * Modernacces-control system introduced in Tállya * Investments at Északkő for operational safety * International enviromental conference in Lyon * Europen road review: Better roads at a lower price * Bitumen emulsion day in Mátraháza

May 2016 – Volume 20, Issue 1

A Giant Leap in Small Shoes * Interview with Zoltán Bánfy, Tender Director of Colas Hungária MPD * Interview with Balázs Bőhm, Technical Director of Colas Északkő * Interview with István Dudás, Equipment Manager of Colas Alterra * Interview with Zoltán Szöllősi, Equipment Manager of Colas Út * Successful Transformations: Interview with Sándor Tóth * 25 Years of Colas Északkő - János Krizsanyik: 40 Years on the Frontline of Quarrying * "There Are 360 Degrees, So Why Stick With Just One?" * Flood Damage Restoration Works Along the Danube * Colas Restores Flood-Control Wall in Óbuda * Reconstructed Depots for New Trams * Improving Traffic Safety Through Road Reconstructions * Meeting Point: Visegrád * Colas Mozaik Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary * The Colas Central European Football Tournament Makes a Return * The Mines of Colas Északkő - Part 1: Nógrádkövesd * EPB Conference in Székelyudvarhely * Growing Safety and Environmental Requirements * Internal Training at the Technology Directorate * Technology Directorate Organises Pavement-Design Trade Day * Eco-Friendly and Energy-Efficient Technologies at This Year's HAPA Conference * Colas Employees' Study Tour at the CST * Alterra Holds Training for Production Managers in Balatonkenese

December 2015 – Volume 19, Issue 4

Evaluating the Year Behind Us - Interview with Colas Út CEO, György Zsiga * Bypass Roads in Transdanubia * Interview with Gábor Koczkás, Procurement Manager of Colas Hungária * Specialised Engineer Training in Győr * Rest and Relaxation All Over The Country * Unique Health-Protection Initiative at Colas * Complex Flood Control and Flood-Plain Revitalisation Project in Bereg * DN 500 Main Pipeline Reconstruction Under Bartók Béla Road * Construction Works Under Way at the Eszterlánc Street Waste-Sorting Plant * Reconstruction of Nyugati Square is Complete * Reconstruction Concludeed on Main Road 47 in Békés County * New Pair of Weigh Stations on Motorway M7 * Northern Relief Road Under Construction in Zalaegerszeg * Historical Atmosphere in Debrecen, the "Calvinist Rome" * A Bird's-Eye View - Protecting Eagle Owls * Colas Mixing Sites, Part 8: Dunaharaszti * Északkő Tests Drones in Quarries * French Practices on Hungarian Railways * Young Colleagues Visit the Bouygues and Colas Headquarters * Employess of the Year 2014 Travelled to Ireland * Quality Management Experts Meet Up in Tállya

October 2015 – Volume 19, Issue 3

Time Passes by Fast in Mórahalom * Another Leg Completed on the M86 * Events, Festives and Honours on Miners' Day * New Line of Business at Colas Út: Bitumen Emulsion for Durable Roads * Interview with Ferenc Rajcsányi, the Quality Manager of Colas Hungária * Slipform Paver Training in Monor * Pavement Renovation in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County * Budaörsi Road Reconstructed * Road Reconstructions in Kőbánya * Interchange Conversion Under Way Near Törökbálint * Physical Separation Undergoes Renovation on the M5 * Works for New Treatment Plant Roar Ahead in Siófok * Tram Tunnel Remodelling Continues Near the Chain Bridge * Southern Buda Link-Up Completed for BCISD III * Meeting Point: Gyula * Victory at the Infrastructure Cup * Marathon Season in Budapest * Colas Mixing Sites, Part 7: Jánosháza * Colas Út's Fleet Upgraded with New Cold Recycler * Accreditation of CÉK's Tállya Rock-Testing Laboratory * Bitumen-Fume Inspection at the Colas Group * Civil Engineering Week at the Budapest University of Technology * Road Infrastructure Days 2015 - Szeged * Technology Directorate Organises Family Day

July 2015 – Volume 19, Issue 2

M85 Completed between Győr and Kóny * In Battle Against Corruption * Medical Examination Programme 2015 * New Elements in the 2015 Training Plan * A Wider Range of Professional Reviews * Tramline and Road Reconstruction in Újpest * Tram Tunnel Rebuilt near Budapest's Chain Bridge * Nyugati Square Receives a Makeover - At Last * Main Road 31 Undergoes Reconstruction in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County * Renovation of Main Road 31 Continues in Heves County * Asphalt-Laying Works in Berettyóújfalu * Colas Rebuilds Centipede Bridge * "And Yet It Moves!" - Geotechnical Lessons from Anna Hill * Meeting Point: Tihany * Ultrabalaton 2015 * Colas Swimming Cup * Dragon Boats on the Danube * Life SustainEuroRoad * Complex Development and Overhaul Investment in Táplánypuszta * Employees of the Year 2013 Visit Denmark * In Remembrance of Márti Kerti

April 2015 – Volume 19, Issue 1

First Meeting of Contract Managers at Colas SA Head Office * Dr. Ágnes Vinczéné Görgényi Receives Prestigious Award * Professional Reviews Continue at Colas in 2015 * Colas Út Introduces New Workplace Organisation Method * Bridge Builders' Day 2015 * Extension of Tramline 1 Completed * Flood-Control Investments in the Bereg Region * Colleagues at Colas Alterra Begin a Busy Year * Colas Completes Tunnel Underneath the Danube * Off to a Running Start - Colas Wins Works in Budapest * Colas Út Rebuilds Road in Tiszafüred * Meeting Point: Szentendre * Millstone in Tokaj * Colas Competitors at the Kecskemét Swimming Gala * Central European Colas Football Tournament in Croatia * Colas Mixing Sites, Part 6: Kiskunfélegyháza * New Rollers at Colas Út * Compaction Days at Bécsi Road * Colas Északkő Upgrades Its Fleet of Machinery * Colas Északkő Studies Eagle Owls * Tech Day for Designers at the Technology Directorate * Major HAPA Conference Near Lake Balaton * Internal Technological Training

December 2014 – Volume 18, Issue 4

We Have Been Through An Outstanding Year - CEO's Review of 2014 * Interview with Krisztián Kolonics, Health and Safety Manager * Barrel-Rolling Ceremony in Rátót * Road Renovations in Békés County * Main Road Being Restored Near Hatvan * Several Roads to Undergo Reconstruction in Borsod * Works Nearing the Finish Line in the Karcag Area * Road Construction Works for Chemark Kft. * Tunnelling Under the Danube * Meeting Point: Eger, the Baroque Gem of Europe * Pump Station in the Sárköz Region * "Brutal Physics" in the Szob Quarry * Colas Mixing Sites, Part 5: Apafa * Pothole Repair Mixes * cLeanergie: Global Energy-Efficiency Campaign at Colas * Colas Makes an Appearance at the Innotrends Exhibition * Study Tour in France * Conference on Geotechnics in Ráckeve

October 2014 – Volume 18, Issue 3

Interview with legal director Dr. Ágnes Baricz * Minder Honoured * Southern Buda to Join Purification of the Danube * BCISD III: Éles Corner * Sewer Reconstruction Works in Downtown Budapest * Renovated Public Places in Berettyóújfalu * Road Reconstructions in Hajdúszoboszló * Colas Út Performing Works in the City Centre of Hatvan * Works Intensifying on the M86 * North-South Main Traffic Corridor Under Construction in Veszprém * Construction of Hungary's Longest Motorway Completed * Three Major Structure-Building Projects in Progress in Western Hungary * New Structures in Eastern Hungary * Meeting Point: Győr * New Colas Art Contest for Children * Infrastructure Cup and Family Day in Fáy Street * Colas Mixing Sites - Part 4: Jászberény * Colas Út Fleet Upgraded with Two Volvo/ABG Pavers * Frost and De-Icing Salt-Resistant Bridge-Construction Concrete Mixes in Europe * New Method for Testing Binder Content

July 2014 – Volume 18, Issue 2

Mórahalom Bypass to Open for Traffic in the Second Half of 2015 * Workplace Trainings at Colas Északkő * Employee-Satisfaction Survey at Colas * Szarvas City Rehabilitation Enters Its Final Leg * New Road between Ömböly and the Romanian Border * New Roads for Püspökladány, Karcag and Kisújszállás * Joint Bypass Section for Roads 86 and 76 * "Centipede" Bridge to Undergo Renovation * Rátóti Bridge Renovated * Reconstruction of Tramline 1 Continues * Compley Flood-Control and Floodplain-Revitalisation Project in Bereg * Meeting Point: Békéscsaba * No Running Out of Steam: Ultrabalaton 2014 * UPF Project Launched * Experimental Blasting with Charge-Loading Vehicle * Colas Mixing Sites - Part 3: Gyöngyös * Colas Tests Newly Developed Rollers * Visit at the Manufacturer of Viatop * The Significance of Tyre-Pavement Noise in Road Construction Increases * Annual Safety Week at Colas * Second Bridge Builders' Day * A Special Guest's Special Wish in Tállya

April 2014 – Volume 18, Issue 1

Alterra Receives Multiple Awards for Excellence * Bridge Builders' Day 2014 * Tokaj-Hegyalja World-Heritage Management Plan Reviewed * First Phase of the M4 Kicks Off between Abony and Fegyvernek * Eger's Historical City Centre Undergoes Renovation * Colas Út to Reconstruct 30 km of Road in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County * Second Phase Under Construction on the M30 Miskolc Northern Bypass * Gábor Baross Statue Returned to Its Well-Deserved Place * Alterra Builds Wastewater-Treatment Plant in Kondoros * Alterra Working in the Capital of Lake Balaton * Meeting Point: Szolnok * Interview with András Zachár * Employees of the Year 2013 * Training to Continue at Colas * Protected Species Assessed in Zemplén County Quarries * Investments in Szob * Major HAPA Conference * Study Tours Continue to the Colas Technology Centre

December 2013 – Volume 17, Issue 3

Interview with László Görbedi and Árpád Bartha * Colas Success at the HAPA Forum of Young Engineers * Groundbreaking Ceremony on the M86 * Pipe-Reconstruction Works in Óbuda * Wastewater Network Under Construction in Ádánd * Reconstruction of Budapest Tramline 1 * Colas Alterra's  Drainpipe Works in Budapest * Phase 2 on the Miskolc Northern Bypass Under Construction * Colas Út Joins Reconstruction of Main Road 4 * Komoró Bypass Road Under Construction * Szamos-Kraszna Reservoir Structure Nearing Completion * Meeting Point: Budapest * Alterra Triathlete Completes Austrian Ironman Race * Charity Curling Game * Endre Rozsda Exhibition in the National Gallery * Replanting of Protected Vegetation on the M85 Worksite * Dust and Noise Level Measurement in Kesztölc * Bitumen in Focus * Colas Mixing Sites - Part 2: Táplánypuszta * Colas Északkő Upgrades Machinery Fleet * Colas Speaker for National Traffic Days

October 2013 – Volume 17, Issue 2

Sustainable roads * Training Sessions at Colas * Flood-Control Works Along the Danube * The M3 to be Continued Towards Vásárosnamény * M85: Colas Builds Two Further Sections * Finishing Touches on the Structures of the M86 between Szombathely and Vát * Bike Road to Oradea * Airport Reconstruction at Pér * The Sajókaza-Felsőnyárád Connecting Road Undergoes Reconstruction * Alterra Builds Biogas Plant in Miskolc * New Wastewater Network near the Tápió Creek * Wastewater Network Reconstruction in Tolna * A Busy Summer at the Törley Factory * Meeting point: Balatonfüred * Guinness World Record in Tokaj * Half Marathon in Budapest * Saab Meeting on the M0 * Road Safety on Two Wheels * Medical Examinations at Colas * Our Visit to Colas CZ's Bitumen Plant * Colas Mixing Sites - Part 1: Felsőzsolca

June 2013 – Volume 17, Issue 1

A Greater Emphasis on Accident Prevention * Fire Prevention Exams at Colas Északkő * Colas Hungária`s New Equipment and Asset Management Director: Interview with Attila Bednárik * Debrecen Bypass Handed Over on Main Road 4 * Open Day at Tállya * IMS, CRS, and Other Acronyms * New Quality-Control Manager of Colas Északkő: Interview with László Ézsiás * Virtual Renewal at Északkő * Construction of a Parking Lot and Public Utilites at Continental * Construction of a Parking Lot and Rainwater Drainage at MTD Hungária * Another Successful Reconstruction Project in Szeged * Baross Square: A Dream Coming True * The Érd Wastrewater Project Enters Its Final Stage * Beams Already in Place at the Mezőberény Overpass * Szamos-Kraszna Flood-Control Reservoir * Foreign Works of Colas: Sydney Harbor Bridge * Our Colleagues (Employees of 2012): Éva Asztalos, Gábor Filip, Balázs Sebestyén, Csaba Kalmusz, János Kiss * Employees of the Year Honoured for the Third Time * Csaba Szenteczki Exhibition at Bécsi Road * Meeting Point: Hollókő * Ultrabalaton 2013 * Study Tour at the CST * Colas Builds WMA Trial Sections Using Foamed Bitumen * Colas Kicks Off the Year with Trainings * Training for Alterra`s Production Managers * Internal Technological Training Takes Place in Bánk * Warm Mix Asphalts at the HAPA Conference

December 2012 – Volume 16, Issue 4

Egerbakta: Reloaded * Rhyolite Tuff - Alternatives in Agriculture and Construction * Summary of the Year in Tarcal * New Manager in Charge of the IT Department: Zsolt Matejcsok * Employees Elect New Works Councils * Alterra to Participate in the Danube Project * Alterra Back in the BCWTP * District-Heating Line Under Construction in Budapest * Phase I of the Csepel Ridge-Road Handed Over * Colas Út Concludes Works Near Lake Balaton * Railway Overpass Under Construction in Mezőberény * Works Continue on the Szombathely-Vát Section of Road 86 * Santa Claus Brings a Bridge to Csömör * Budapest Road Reconstructions in 2012 * Our colleagues: Enikő Szabó, Tímea Tőkés, Dalma Strenner, Istvánné Sipos, Judit Juhászné Sávolyi, Hajnalka Bujdos * Meeting Point: Nyíregyháza * Colas Employees Complete the Budapest Marathon * Business Development Seminar with Fencing * Visitors in Északkő`s Tállya Plant * Landscaping at Tállya * Veteran Machines Part 2: Skoda NV 10 Roller * ASFT Assessment of the Hungarian Motorway Network * Employees of the Year 2011 Visit England


October 2012 – Volume 16, Issue 3

Contracting Achievements at Alterra * Works Council Election at the Colas Group * Introducing the Company Group`s New CFO: Ádám Kengyel * Colas Hands Over D1 Section of the Motorway M0 Ring * Handover Ceremony at Rédics: Reconstruction of a 29-km-long Section Concludes * Linkup under Budapest`s Grand Boulevard * COL3 LOT4 - Construction of the Kerepesi Road Main Collector * One Year of Drainage Construction at Érd * Pavement Reinforcement and Noise Wall on the M0 * ROP-Financed Road Reconstruction Works at Colas Út * Works Roar Ahead Undisturbed on the M0`s Danube Bridge at Háros * Goings-On in the Rába Riverbed * Concrete Paving Nearly Complete on the Colas Section of the M0`s D2 Phase * Our colleagues: Sándor Egri, Zoltán Burik, Rita Révész, Imre Buda, Szabolcs Pityi, Zoltán Csamangó * Meeting point: Szentgotthárd * The First Colas Art Contest for Children * Ultrabalaton 2012 * Martos and Herz Diesel-Powered Road Roller * Északkő Receives Award for Saving Eagle Owls` Habitat * Health and Safety Inspection at Északkő * Destination Istanbul * Miners` Day at Colas Északkő

June 2012 – Volume 16, Issue 2

Upcoming works: Mezőberény, Szentgotthárd, M0 right carriageway * Finishing Touches on Structural Works for the M3 * Miskolc Tram Network Development 2012 * Lulla-Balatonendréd Connecting and Access Road Nearing Completion * Tertiary Treatment Phase Under Construction at Csepel Wastewater Treatment Plant * COL3 LOT3 Baross Street Relief Drain Construction * Roadworks on the Szajol-Püspökladány Railway Line * New Mercedes Factory Opens * Construction of the Debrecen Bypass Section of Main Road 4 to be Concluded in 2012 * Our colleagues: Zoltán János Gaga, Ferenc Ivók, Péter Steinmacher, Pál Nagy, Zoltán Katona, Viktória Danis * The Mátra * CÉK Dumper Truck on TV2 * Colas Backs Waste-Collection Plan for the Second Year * Colas Employees Visit Kazakhstan * Pre-Crusher Investment in Szob * Monolith Reinforced Concrete Barriers on the M0 * Colas Tests Eco-Friendly Anti-Adhesive * CÉK`s Excavator Feeds Through New Bucket * ASFT Assessment in Győr-Moson-Sopron County * Protection of Sand Martins on the M3 * Colas Út Visits Tállya * Sustainable Mobility Though Innovation * Zoltán Puchard Receives the Vásárhelyi Prize

March 2012 – Volume 16, Issue 1

Risks and Opportunities: The Past Year of the Hungarian Colas Group and Prospects from 2012 * In constant motion: Colas Út Lead By New High Management - Interview with CEO György Zsiga and CFO Nóra Cselédi * Alterra Receives Another Construction-Industry Award * Interview with Director for Strategic Affairs Katalin Herneczki * New Equipment Manager at the Motorway Directorate: Dénes Varga * Widening Scope of Works on the Widening M0 * SPA Construction in Karcag * Asphalt-Paving Works on the Keszthely Bypass of Main Road 71 * Enese Bypass Section Opens on the M85 * Construction of the External Ridge-Road Concludes * Stollmayer Prize 2011: Unique Solutions in No-Dig Technology * Our colleagues: Szilveszter Fekete, Angelika Tamási, Tibor Nagy, Tibor Csontos, Ilona Szabó, Gábor Roszik * Karcag, Capital of the Nagykunság * Employees of the Year 2011 * Leadership Academy - Management Training at Colas * Internal Technological Training in Noszvaly * The Central Lab Welcomes Croatian Colleagues * Study Tour at the CST * Tokaj: Historical Vines or Historical Mines? * In the Wring Place and the Wrong Time * Training for Alterra`s Production Managers * Major HAPA Conference

December 2011 – Volume 15, Issue 3

Technology Online * Interview with Technological Director Zoltán Petresevics * 60 years of Colas-Alterra * New Quarry in Transdanubia * Budapest Road Reconstructions in 2011 * Equipment Director at the Holding Company * National Traffic Days 2011 * Modern Infrastructure in Historical Surroundings: Kőszeg * Beams are being Installed on the M3 * One of Hungary`s Largest Wastewater Networks Under Construction by Colas * Pavement Structure Construction Running on the M3 * CTH Works Under Way on Phase 2 of the M0`s Southern Section * Colas SA`s works abroad: Watertower in Lomé, New Asphalt Pavement on the French A40 * Kőszeg: A City Rich in Historic Monuments * Bridges from Pasta * Budapest Marathon * Vertical Road in Trafó * Our colleagues: Tímea Csillagné Turánszki, Ádám Balázs, Zsuzsanna Kálmán, Éva Jenőfiné Holics, György Laczkó * New Stretch of Coloured Asphalt in Budapest * EAPA HSE Conference in Paris * Colas Takes on Mixing Jobs on the M3 * A Day for Road Safety * Energy Management System at Alterra * Environmental Discipline on the M3 Construction Site * Wirtgen Technology Days * Flat Rocks but No Flat Tyres: Colas-Michelin Meeting * Geotechnical Conference * Technology Days for Budapest Experts


September 2011 – Volume 15, Issue 2

Technological Organization of the Hungarian Colas Group Undergoes Reforms * New CLO Aboard: Interview with Dr. Renáta Kalas * 61st Miners Day in Tokaj * Pavement Reinforcement and Widening in Zala County * Large Surface Pavement Reconstruction - Northern Hungary * Balaton-Area Work at Colas Út * Bridgeworks on the M3 Motorway * Suburban Railway Bridge Load Testing * Bridge Reconstructions in Fejér and Zala Counties * Biogas Line in Kaposvár * Construction of the Csepel Main Wastewater Network * Borrow Pits for the M3 * Colas-Északkő Back on Track * Alterra Constructs Tramway: Line 37 Undergoes Reconstruction * Research Projects at the Technology Directorate * Works of Colas SA: Roundabout in Paita * Meeting point: The Tisza * Porsche on the New M0 Carriageway * Drill Operator Training in Sweden * Ultrabalaton 2011 * Our Colleagues: Péter Beke, Szabolcs Bobkó, Szilvia Vas, Tamás Erdős * Certification of the Gyöngyös Emulsion Plant * SZTE Technology Days in Tállya * Open Day At Colas-Északkő * Equipment Conference in Egerszalók * Health Day at Colas-Északkő


May 2011 – Volume 15, Issue 1

Interview with István Sokorai, CEO of the Hungarian Colas Group * Szeged Main Collector Honoured with Construction Industry Award * Technology Day in Tállya * Tram Network Development in Miskolc * Construction of the Debrecen Bypass Section Resumes on Main Road no. 4 * M1-M6 Section of Motorway M0 Ring Nears Completion * The M85 Enese Bypass Gets Off to a Flying Start in 2011 * Lidl Supermarket Construction on Nagykőrösi Road * Csepel`s External Ridge-Road Under Construction * Two Roundabouts Under Construction by Colas in Kecskemét * Flood-Prevention Works in the Felsőzsolca Region * Motorway M3 Construction Kicks Off * Bridges on the Debrecen Bypass Road Nearing Completion * Pipe Jacking at the Rákosvölgy Main Collector * Miskolc - The City of Gates * Employees of 2010 Visit France * Preparation for Jouint Audit * Noise-Reductino Achievements in Tállya * International HAPA Conference * UTLAB Training Day * 2011 Training for Production Managers * Annual Training at Colas Út * Springtime Financial Training * Health-Promotion and Morale-Boosting Programmes at Colas-Északkő


December 2010 – Volume 14, Issue 5

A year and a half in the life of Colas-Alterra * Interview with Gyula Kolozsvári, retiring CEO of Colas-Hungária * Press conference and machine delivery in Tállya * Colas helps red-sludge disaster victims * New CEO in charge of the Hungarian Colas group * Downtown Budapest renovation project comes to an end * Construction of the Üröm-Ezüsthegy water reservoir * Restoration works of the Hasznos water reservoir * Colas-Alterra to workon the Csepel ridge-road project * Phase 2 of the Rákosvölgy northern main collector * The Ferencváros storm-water pump station project * Road resurfacing on M1 motorway * Engineering construction of the M0 southern sector between M1 and M6 is about to conclude * Phase 3 of the southern Buda relief-road project has come to an end * Meeting point: Budaörs * Our colleague Imre Baráth retires * Translation work at the Motorway Directorate * Eurocode to become standard soon * Quality control in Romania * Transport-security conference in Paris * Environmental conference at Colas`s Central European Directorate * Summer trip in Bükkábrány * Staff of the State Motorway Management Company visit Tállya * Technological platform focus area meeting * Geotechnika 2010 conference * Colas-Hungária`s wine and gastronomy competition * Technology day at the Technology Directorate * National transport days 2010


September 2010 – Volume 14, Issue 4

Success and Stability at COLAS-ÉSZAKKŐ * CÉK Machinery Acquisition Tender * Small plant with Great Challenges * New Management to Head the Motorway Directorate * One Village, Two Mines * M0 South - Construction Works of Phase 2 * Opening Ceremony and Dinner at M31 * Budapest Central Wastewater Treatment Plant Launches Operations * Construction of Bypass Bridges on Road 4 around Debrecen to Start * Rehabilitation of Pásztó Micro-Region Center * Construction of Multilevel Junction of Roads 8 and 72 * Bridges are Growing Like Mushrooms on M85 * Sárospatak - City of Knowledge * Film-shooting on M0 * Zemplén Nature Reserve * Our Colleagues: Boris Grintal, Gabriella Kecskés Molnár, Dezső Béres, Bertalan Balogh, Mária Balogh * Drilling in Tállya * Filler Detachment in the Mine * Cold Aphalt Using Recycled Materials * "Road Structures" Trade Day * Concrete Paving in the Southern Sector of M0 * Prespectives of Water Transport * COLAS Bikers` Weekend in the Börzsöny Hills * Miners Celebrate

July 2010 – Volume 14, Issue 3

The first six months of COLAS Út * Resurfacing of road nr4 * Overtaking lanes on road nr. 21. * Renewing roads in the capital * Thirs strech of the southern Buda relief road * The special team of remix * Csongrád bypass road * Reconstruction of the Zala county strech of road nr. 86 * Tram development in Miskolc * Enese bypass * Lulla – Balatonendréd connecting road * Sewage reconstruction of Pasarét road * Reconstruction of road nr 76. * Hidraulic testing of the Kelenföld water pump station * COLAS SA’ international projects * Tata – the city of waters * Colas teams at the ULTRABALATON running race * Help with flood protection * Noise reduction asphalt at M3 * Public utility renewal using lighthardening soft lining * Flooding in quarries * Ecological footprint on focus

May 2010 – Volume 14, Issue 2

“Pathfinding” at the Motorway Directorate * Recapp ing the Past: M6 Motorway in Two Years * A Historical Overview of the M31 Motorway Imp lementation Works * Expansion of the Second Southern Stretch of M0 * Managerial Team–building with survival tour * COLAS SA projects worldwide * The M3-M31 Traffic Junction * Bridge construction incrossing roads nr.8.& 72. * Structural Engineering at the Motorway Directorate * Expansion of the Tiszaújváros Thermal Bath * Road Resurfacing on M3 Motorway * Construction of the Rákospalota Boundary Road * Expansion of the North-Pest Sewage Treatment Plant * Meeting Point: Gödöllő * Charity and Motorway Construction * Our colleagues * The T2 Retaining Wall of M0 Ring Road * BAUMA * Our success at COLAS Ski challenge * Final Inspection of M6 for Environmental Compliance * Nature and Environmental Protection in the Preliminary Work of M0

March 2010 – Volume 14, Issue 1

The renewed COLAS group on the leading edge * Succesful R&D tender * IT developments in 2009 * Replacement of the wage and timesheet software * COLAS SA `s major projects abroad * COLAS-ALTERRA Ferencváros storm-water pumping station * Main collecting channels of COL1 & COL2 * Gyöngyös - Jászberény connecting road * Fire station of Véménd * Culture based urban development in Pécs * Corporate Social Responsibility at COLAS * Our colleagues * Machinery investments at COLAS Északkő * European Converence of the Construction Technology Platform * Geo-technology surveys on M0 * Recycling extention of Colas Road`s aphalt plants * Low tempreture asphalt * Protecting birds in quarries * Proper sizing of passageways of animals as an environmental commitment * Trainings and conferences

December 2009 – Volume 13, Issue 5

Looking back and around at COLAS-ÉSZAKKŐ * Development and environment-friendly thinking at COLAS-ÉSZAKKŐ * Successful tender for technological investment * Colas magazine and website renewed * The future of the cafeteria system * The ring road around Debrecen under construction * Paving reinforcement on Highway No. 4 * Reconstruction in the North * New roads to Abony * Road reconstructions in Budapest in 2009 * Building of the bridge on the Sió (Part II ) * COLAS SA management visit on Motorway M6-M60 * COLAS and the tunnels of M6 * Construction of the pass enger tunnel at Fő vám Square and the connecting Tram No. 2 * Sewage-treatment plant of North Pest * Management meeting of Colas ALTERRA * current line draining under the Danube by COLAS-ALTERRA * Tokaj * Two photo albums of „Actors of the Nation” * Miklós Radnóti Centenary * The RM -160 mobile asphalt plant for bituminous mix * International MA ÚT Conference * A trial production and construction of LT asphalt * Development of cold recycling asphalt

October 2009 – Volume 13, Issue 4

The creation of Motorway directorate * The restucturing of COLAS-ALTERRA Zrt. * Commencement of the viaduct at Szebény * Operation and maintenance centres at M6 * Viaduct at Palotabozsok in final phase * Bridge between Sárdomb and Várpilis * M6 bridge over the Sió river * Bridge over the creek Csele * M31 Motorway construction * The Opening Ceremony of Tiszaroff Flood Reservoir * Technology of the Kelenföld Pump Station * Central Waste Water Treatment Plant in Csepel * Trial operation of Ferencváros Pump Station * Road between Debrecen and Hajduszovat * Completion of main road from Sümeg to Zalaegerszeg * Excellent quality woth remix technology * Bypass M85 at Enese * Reconstruction of main road nr. 86 * Aphalt plant at Táplánypuszta * Environmental authority visit * In protection of the bird Bee-eater

July 2009 – Volume 13, Issue 3

Initial Experiences at Colas Építő * Company Changes at Colas Group Hungary * Services are Adjusted to the Changing Circumstances and Demands * International Trade Union Officer Visit at the Company * 13th Conference on Architecture * "So Much to See in Kecskemét You Cannot Find Anywhere Else in the World" * Discussion on the Collective Agreement at Colas Építő * "Small Boulevard" is Getting More Beautiful * Surface Renovation Works of Pest County Urban Roads * Projects at the Eger Directorate * The M6 Motorway in the Centre of Attention * The Viaduct of Szebény through the Eye of the Constructor - Part 2 * Extension of the M0 Motorway Commences * North-Pest Waste Water Treatment Plant - Nutrient Romval and Intensification - Part 2 * Budapest Central Sewage Treatment Plant (BKSZT) - Entry into the Line of Flow - Part 3 * Tiszaroff Flood Reservoir * Renovation of the Road Connecting Kiskunhalas and Csávoly * Renovation Works - East Hungary * Construction of the Maklád Bicycle Training Course in Maklár * Skanzen Railway * Colas Építő Carriages on the Industrial Tracks of Szob * Conference on Concrete in Kőbánya * New Pothole Repair Technolgies * New ASFT Test in Poland * Renovation Using Slipform Concrete Technology * QMS and EMS Systems Audit at Colas Hungária * Nancy * Technical Study Trip in Environmental Protection * LIWELL Sieving Machine in Nógrádkövesd * Open Day at Tállya Quarry * Count István Széchenyi - Part 2 * Written 10 Years Ago * Project Manager: Gábor Tóth * Pillars of Alterra: Judit Tóthá Óvári * Retirement Ceremony of the Chief Accountant of Colas Építő * Prize-Winning Photographs * Colas Motorcyclists' Reunion 2009 * Colas Wine Contest in Tokaj-Hegyalja * Family Weekend with Anglers' Contest * Ultrabalaton 2009 * Walks in the South Borsod Region - Part 2 * 

April 2009 – Volume 13, Issue 2

Marching in Bad Weather 2009 - Alterra * Responsible Development: International Management Congress of Colas * Laboratory Meeting in the CST Centre in Paris * M6 CG Visit at the Central Laboratory * Dr. Margit Révész: Compensation Manager at Colas Hungária * Changes in the Managing Partners in JDE and the Intranet * The Central Market Hall * North Pest Sewage Treatment Plant - Nutrient Removal and Intensification * Sewage Lifting Plant in Kelenföld * Works Commence on the M6 Motorway * Bridges of the M6-M9 Interchange * Viaduct of Szebény through the Eye of the Constructor * Year Starting at the Debrecen Regional Directorate * Starting Works of the Kecskemét Regional Directorate * Construction of a Complex Service Station at Alacska * Conference on Alternative Technologies * Climate Summit Conference in Budapest * Mobile Sludge Dewatering Equipment at Alterra * Use of PRORECA-H at the Construction of the Budapest Central Sewage Treatment Plant * Factory Production Control of the Asphalt Mixing Plants of Colas Építő * Safety Technology World Expo in Paris * Conference on Safety * Safety Visit on the M6 Motorway * Information of Subcontractors on the M6 Motorway * Hungarian Accreditation Board (NAT) Review Audit at the Alterra Laboratory* Explosives Expert Visit * Contrast: Spring Pheasant and Waste Depot * Visit to the Illite Mine in Füzérradvány * Mining Collection * Written 10 Years Ago * Count István Széchenyi * Job Fair at the Technical University of Budapest * Training at Colas Építő * Production Managers Reunion * Winner of the 2008 Stollmayer Award: Dániel Erdős * Pillars of Alterra: Mrs. Péter Bujdos * Pillars of Alterra: Zoltán Bányai, foreman * László Vanya, retired HS manager * Good luck! * Colas Hungária Photo Contest * A trip in South Borsod - Part 1

February 2009 - Volume 13, Issue 1

Colas Hungária: Fighting the Economic Strife * 10th Jubilee Colas Europe Technical-Technological Meeting * The Past Year of the M6 Motorway * Construction of the M31 Motorway Commenced * New IT Manager * Legal Module * Come to Óbuda, to the Headquarers of Colas Hungária * Mercedes Factory * Annual Evaluation of Building Construction * The New Office Building of MTV Completed * Industrual Park Extension in Debrecen * Budapest Central Wastewater Treatment Plant - Discharge to the Main Streamline of the Danube - Part 2 * Szőreg 1 Underground Gas Storage Reserve * Small Boulevard Battle - Part 2 * Diversion in Fradi - Part 3 * Modification of the Public Procurement Act Expected * Colas Hungária Technology Day * Application of CEM III Type Cement in Bridge Building Practice * Construction of LT-Asphalt Trial Section * New Tests: Air Jet Sieving at Colas Hungária * OPSIS Lite in the Quarry * 5th Award Ceremony of the Safety Competition * First Aid Training * New ISO 9001 is Here * Internal Audit 2008 * Written 10 Years Ago * "This is the Place for You to Live and Die" * Skill Developing Training at the Major Projects Division * 80 Years Old Tállya Quarry * Pillars of Alterra: Mrs. Ernő Makó * Pillars of Alterra: Vilmos Lénárt * Pillars of Északkő: Géza Szabó * Year's End Party at Alterra * Year-End Celebration in Eger * New Year's Eve Cup * The Most Beautiful Breach in the Carpathian Mountains

December 2008 - Volume 12, Issue 6

Contracting - Road to the Future * Visit of Mr. Benquet * American Guests at Alterra * Environment Meeting at Colas * Conference on Compliance under the Act on Business Competition * Sponsor Prize for Colas * Management Forum * Géza Bagdi Retired * European Works Council * Relief Road in Salgótarján * External and Internal Roads a Parking Lot Construction for Auchan in Miskolc * Professional Day on M6 * Egerszalók * Road Renovation in the Northern Great Plain * Lónya-Barabás II. * Another Three TESCOs * Ceremonial Opening of Sewage Treatment Plants - Alterra * Budapest Central Wastewater Treatment Plant, Entry into the Line of Flow - Part 1 * What Happened at the Site of the Csepel Wastewater Treatment Plant during a Year? * Diversion in the "Fradi" - Part 2 * Asphalt Study Trip to France * Second HAPA Forum of Young Engineers * Recycling a Little Differently * Remix-Admix Technology on Main Road 611 * Local Recycling Technologies * Alterra at the Ecotech Exhibition * Mobile Crusher in Nógrádkövesd * Audit at Alterra * The Outstanding Example of Lajos Kossuth - Part 2 * Management Meeting - Alterra * Written 10 Years Ago * The Molnár Brigade * Pillars of Alterra: Ferenc Jugenheimer regional chief mechanic * Pillars of Alterra: Éva Benkő, site manager * Pillars of Északkő: István Buzás * "It is only the nice things I remember" * International Research Team in Tállya * The Enchanted Garden of the Polish Tatras

October 2008 - Volume 12, Issue 5

Where does the Colas Road Lead? * Visit of Colas Executives at the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant in Budapest * CED Conference in Budapest * Cafeteria System * M31 between M0 and M3 * M0 Expressway Opened for Traffic * Opening Ceremony of the Győr-Gönyű Port * Dr. Péter Dankó, Legal Director of Colas Hungária * The Construction of a Roundabout Junction in Zalaegerszeg * Road and Public Utility Works at the New Megyeri Bridge in Budapest * ÉBSZ Construction Machinery Exhibition * Measures at the Mixing Premises of Bátaszék * Penny Market in Karcag is Being Handed Over * The Building Construction Projects of Colas Debrecen * Construction of the Water Intake and Outlet Structures of the Reservoir at Tiszaroff * Diversion at the "Fradi" - Part 1 * Reconstruction of Main Roads 42 and 47 * Road Renovations in Budapest in 2008 * Basin Construction in Apc * Widening of Main Road 26 to Four Lanes * Report about the Csepel Central Wastewater Treatment Plant in Pictures * Warm Asphalt Near the Parliament * Rugocomp Test Section Constructed * The Integration of Surface Milling into the Profile of the Colas Group * The Csokonay Theater in Debrecen * Improving Skills * The Outstanding Example of Lajos Kossuth - Part 1 * The Old-New Chief Engineer at the Head of the Pécs Team * Successful Accreditation of the Central Laboratory of Colas Hungary * Pillar of Alterra: János Horváth Service Station Leader * Pillar of Alterra: Ferenc Oláh, Head of Laboratory * Pillar of Északkő: József Medla * Pillar of Északkő: Éva Böszörményiné Lechner * Theater Opening * Miners' Day * 7th Architects-Engineers Golf Cup * Successful Event on the Bank of the Danube * Colas Hungária Photo Competition 2008 * If It's Autumn, It's the Bükk Plateau

August 2008 - Volume 12, Issue 4

In Top Gear * M6/M60 Motorway Project Organization * Construction of the Pavement Structure of M6 Motorway * Large Bridges on the M6 Motorway * The Sió Bridge * The Palotabozsok Viaduct * The Szebény Viaduct and the Bridge of Csele Creek * Equipment Department is the Cog of the M6 Motorway Construction * Labour Safety at the Construction Works of Motorway M6 * Laboratory on the M6 Motorway * The Visit of Mr. Henri Molleron at Colas Hungary * The Visit of Colas Rail Management * Colas Safety Technology Conference * VIR Management Information System * Escape from the Mud * The Bureaucratic Maze of a Crossing * Szekszárd: Capital of the M6 Motorway Construction * Asphalt-Technology Day * Budapest Intermodal Logistics Center, Stage H * Logistics Center in Debrecen * Road Construction in Heves and Borsod Counties * Road Reconstruction in Nagykőrös * How is the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant Progressing? * The Reconstruction of the Pumping Station in Albertfalva * Noise Nuisance Reduction on the M5 Motorway * Renovation of the M1 Motorway * Our Client: MOL * Körmend Industrial Park * Audit Review Held at Északkő * Special Technologies in Road Building * Mixing Caravan * A Work Site Visit by Technical Trainees * English Language Training for Executives * The Example of Mihány Babits * Production Manager of the Month: László Gál, foreman * Production Manager of the Month: Máté Molnár, engineer * Employment Related Challenges * Pillars of Északkő: Mrs. István Tóth * The Szekszárd Marathon * Written 10 Years Ago * 13th Wine Days in Tarcal * KMDSZ International Anglers' Contest * 12th Family Weekend at Alterra * European Champion Road Builder - "Gold Medals" of Uncle Pali * Following the Trace Under Construction on Two Wheels * Family Day of the Motorway Directorate * Endangered Values of Hungary - History of the Castle of Borsod

June 2008 - Volume 12, Issue 3

Visit of Colas Executives in Hungary * On Hard Roads 2008 * Celebration of Piercing at the Geresd Tunnel * Is There a Need for Change at Labour Safety? * THe Mixing Plant Has Arrived * Head of Labour Safety of Colas: József István Nagy * The Battle of the Little Boulevard * Continuation of the Passage Under the Danube * Expansion of the Waste Water Treatment Plant at Albertirsa * We are Building a Shell Petrol Station Again * Pavement Renovation in Pest County in 2008 * Construction of the Roundabout Interchange in 10th District of Budapest * Photo Report on the Railwal Construction of Junction C * Infrastructure Construction of the Industrial Park in Zalaegerszeg * Complete Reconditioning of Motorway M5 * Szeged Móraváros Shopping Center * The Works of Regional Chief Engineer's Office 1 of Colas Debrecen * Asphalt and Soccer * Colas Bitumen Seminar and the Euroasphalt & Eurobitume Conference * European Harmonization Tests of Our Road Surface Testing Equipment * Cost-efficient Rugocomp * Combined Delimitation of Site * Changes in the Welding Standards and Their Consequences * Coloured Asphalts of Colas are Becoming More and More Popular * Successful NAT Audit at Alterra Laboratory * Midway Torwards the Next Audit * National Accreditation Council (NAT) Inspection Audit * Alterra Laboratory in Véménd * Our Office in Budaörs * History of the Pump Station at Ferencváros * Small Region Support * "Granny" in Ferencváros * Real Examples of King Mathias * Learning Besides Work * Meeting in Austria * Traffic Penalties Imposed after May 1st 2008 * Production Manager of the Month: Barnabás Mesics site manager * Production Manager of the Month: Márton Frey chief site manager * Pillars of Alterra: Sándor Kolozsvári chief mechanic * Get-together for Pensioners * On the top of the "Smouldering" Etna

April 2008 - Volume 12, Issue 2

Hervé Le Bouc Appointed Chairman and CEO of Colas * Passion and Vision - 24 Years in the Service of Road Building * Interview with Hervé Le Bouc * Adapting to the Market Needs * Conference on Trenchless Technologies * Ground Breaking Ceremony * Human Resource Development Plans 2008 * The Quarry of the Future at Tállya * A Great Product * Focused on the Future * Road-maker road show * New test: Implementing the Duriez Method at Colas Hungary * HAPA workshop in Tállya * Mobile Plant - Recycling Technology * The 10th HAPA Asphalt Conference * Szerencs - The Gate to Hegyalja * Ferenc Rákóczi II. * Covering the Biological Block * Construction of a Logistics Park in Vecsés * Rehabilitation of Eger, Felnémet * Construction Works of the External Váci Road * Railway Construction in Vecsés * Győr-Gönyű Railway Construction * Optimistic Start for the New Year at Regional Chief Engineers' Office no. 5. * Capital Projects at Határ Road * New Year's Opening Conference at Colas Eger * Conference in the Service of Public Utility Pipe Construction and Renovation * Interview with Tamás Sebestyén, Winner of the Stollmayer Award of 2008 * Production Manager of the Month: Attila Csuti, regional chief engineer * Production Manager of the Month: Ferenc Gulyás, foreman * Pillar of Colas Eger: Lajos Király * Pillars of Colas Eger: Balázs Sebestyén * Two Small Steps to Make a Name * Colas Ski Competition 2008 * In the Footsteps of Our Ancestors - The Castle of Chieftain Szabolcs * 

December 2007 – Volume 11, Issue 6

The Construction of Motorway M6 will Soon Begin * 3K Technology Day * Public Road Construction Projects in Debrecen * Construction of the Sewer Network and Joint Wastewater Treatment Plant in Biharkeresztes and Ártánd * BLIK Logistics Base * Works of Debmut Zrt. in Pécs * Two Further Industrial Halls * Construction of the Budapest Central Wastewater Treatment Plant in Csepel * Construction of the Water Reservoir in Tiszaroff * Soot Factory * Paving Reconstruction Works of Main Road 1 at Budaörs * Construction of a Five-Entry Roundabout in Dabas * Rigips Plasterboard Plant * Recovery of the Interior Section of Main Road 4 in Abony * Earthworks and Road Construction Works at the Lenti Tile Plant * Sopron - Baumax * Lgistics Center in Ebes * Public Road Underpass on Road 37 * Szob-Malomvölgy * Road Construction in Hungary from the Beginnings - Part 4 * HAPA Young Engineers' Forum * SZTE Professional Day * Audit at Alterra

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