Alterra Builds Passive House
The Hermina Happy Land passive house is constructed by Colas Alterra in Budapest, District 14. The 8-storey building, that accommodates 255 flats, will be the largest passive house in Eastern Europe.
Civil Engineering Week at the Budapest University of Technology
The four-day event organised by the Faculty of Civil Engineering was backed by Colas, and featured a site visit at the tram tunnel constructed by Alterra at the Buda abutment of the Chain Bridge.
Dragon Boats on the Danube
With the support of Colas Alterra, the Bridge Builders’ Society held the third annual Bridge Builders’ Day on 16 May, the feast day of Saint John of Nepomuk, patron saint of rivers, bridges, and mariners.
Extension of tram line 1 completed
Back in October 2013, the consortium uniting A-HÍD Zrt. and Colas Alterra Zrt. won the public procurement procedure for the reconstruction and extension of Budapest’s tram line 1 between Kerepesi Road and Fehérvári Road.
Exhibition: Pump Stations in the Sárköz Region
The industrial monument pump stations located in Báta and Lankócz have undergone comprehensive reconstruction under the Duna Project. Financial support from Colas Alterra made it possible for the staff of the Szekszárd-based Wosinsky Mór County Museum and colleagues from the water authority to organise spectacular, colourful exhibitions in the facilities. Visitors of the exhibit are provided an insight into the historical background of the installations, and their role in flood- and stagnant water control.
Alterra receives third and double Award for Excellence
We entered two – related, yet distinct – projects into the 2013 Construction Industry Award for Excellence competition. In the category of infrastructural facilities, we submitted a joint application with Hídépítő Zrt. for the Budapest Central Wastewater Treatment Plant (BCWTP), whereas we entered separately in the environment and water engineering category with the current line draining of the BCWTP.
Alterra to carry out works in Kondoros
A sewer network and sewage treatment plant development scheme is under way in Kondoros with financial backing from the European Union.
Colas Alterra Reconstructs Tramline 1
The Centre for Budapest Transport signed a contract with the consortium founded by Colas Alterra and A-HÍD for the complex reconstruction works of Budapest’s tram line no. 1 between Bécsi Road and Kerepesi Road.
Baross Square Under Construction
The joint venture of STRABAG-MML Kft. and Colas Alterra Zrt. is reconstructing Baross square in relation with metro line 4.
Works Continued at the Csepel Waste Water Treatment Plant
Following completion of the project involving the design and execution of the tertiary treatment phase in the BCWTP, the remaining total nitrogen (TN) and total phosphorus (TP) content will greatly decrease in the treated water discharged into the Danube.
Integrated Management System audit successfully completed at Colas Alterra
CERTOP carried out a comprehensive audit of our quality-, occupational health and safety- environmental-, and energy management systems in the first week of June.
Celebrating 60 Years of Colas-Alterra
Alterra celebrated the 60th anniversary of its foundation with a grandiose celebration held on the Európa Ship with participation of its current and former colleagues, as well as business partners.
Construction Industry Award for Colas-Alterra
Colas-Alterra has been awarded a Construction Industry Award for Excellence for the Szeged main collector, where we applied EBP tunneling technology for the first time.

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