Zoltán Cseh General Manager Honoured
Zoltán Cseh was recently decorated with the Silver Cross of Merit of Hungary. The CEO of Colas Északkő Bányászati Kft. received the honour from the President of Hungary for his work in support of the country’s road construction, motorway construction, and railway reconstruction programmes.
Modern access control system introduced in Tállya
The new system will soon be armed to speed up loading and administrative tasks
Colas Manager Receives Award
The Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Chamber of Industry and Commerce honours figures of the business world, outstandingly performing enterprises, and corporate leaders on a regular basis. With regard to the rich history of cooperation between the Chamber and Colas Északkő Kft., the Management Award and the accompanying statuette – created by sculptor Éva Varga – was presented to Északkő’s managing director, Zoltán Cseh, on 30 January 2016.
Economic Alternative to Railway Protective-Layers at Colas Északkő
Colas Északkő recommends more economic products with identical characteristics for railway protective-layers, based on foreign experiences.
Long-term Research Program to Protect Eagle Owls
Colas Északkő began a long-term research to map the natural habitat of the protected species in the area and vicinity of active quarries.
Events, Festivities, and Honours of Miners' Day 2015
As a long-running custom, the annual Miners’ Day plays a special role in the life of Colas Északkő.
Accreditation of CÉK’s Tállya rock testing laboratory
Colas Északkő centralised its in-process qualification tests, and simultaneously upgraded its rock testing laboratory in terms of both human resources and equipment.
Fleet of machinery upgraded
Colas Északkő Kft. purchased a new wheeled loader, two new excavators, and a new mobile crusher.
Jesus Christ Statue Unveiled in Tarcal
The village of Tarcal was enriched with a new gem, as the 8.5-m-tall granite Blessing Christstatue was set up not far from the Colas facility, on the hill overlooking the quarry pond.
Roman road in Tállya
Via Romana constructed a roman road trial section in Tállya, where the crew from the local government’s stone mason workshop selected the block stones. The layers were made of separately-compacted M80 and M22 natural stone from Tállya, but the trial section was built with three distinct technologies.
Rhyolite tuff for purposes of farming and soil improvement
The positive effect of rhyolite tuff on crop yields and soil quality has been known for a long time.
"Brutal Physics" in the Szob Quarry
Spektrum TV’s 18 October episode of Brutális fizika (Brutal physics) featured the shocking power of fire and water demonstrated by the two hosts: Károly Härtlein from the Institute of Physics at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and Totalcar’s journalist, István Vályi.
Miners Honoured
Colas Északkő Bányászati Kft. lays special emphasis on the safeguarding and celebration of the extremely rich history, culture and traditions of the mining industry – as probably the most important element of this mission, the Miners’ Day is organised annually. At the event organised by Colas, we reward colleagues who have excelled in recent years through their persistence, commitment, and their love of the profession. From the crews of the company’s 12 plants and Tarcal headquarters, a total of ten people received certificates of mining service.
Experimental blasting with charge-loading vehicle
For decades, Colas Északkő Kft. has used blasting sequences with large-diameter holes for primary ground-breaking in the company’s Tállya quarry. However, as related technologies develop and clients keep presenting higher requirements, blasting companies are coming up with newer and more sophisticated techniques.
Protected species assessed in Zemplén quarries
The observation of plants and birds was carried out by environmental protection expert Viktor Gábor Papp, who organised a multi-day, 24-hour surveillance of the species living on the quarry sites. His work and the data collection were aided by the rangers assigned to the area, as well as the staff of our facilities.
Investments in Szob
An automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) access control system and a new crusher were handed over in Colas Északkő’s Szob plant.
Weight restrictions introduced on the roads crossing Tokaj
The administrative procedure related to the weight restrictions on the roads crossing Tokaj in case of road transport from the mines of Colas Északkő Kft. located in the Tokaj-Hegyalja region
Északkő`s CAT dumper on RTL Klub
Colas Északkő`s CAT 773F quarry dumper was starring in RTL Klub`s motor show, A`La CAR on 28th December 2013.
Opening dates 2014
The availability of our mines in 2014
Dust and noise level measurement in Kesztölc
On 7 October, dust emission and noise level measurements were implemented at the Kesztölc quarry acquired by Colas Északkő in the autumn of 2011. The tests carried out by GEON System Kft focussed on inhalable dust and workplace noise levels, and involved three of our colleagues working at the site with front loaders, excavators and dump trucks.
Guinness world record in Tokaj
Tokaj celebrated the 25th anniversary of its twin town relationships with a Guinness world record. The chief sponsor of the event was Colas Északkő.
Colas Északkő Upgrades Fleet of Machinery
Colas Északkő acquired both pieces of equipment within the group: the Metso HP 300 cone crusher was purchased from Colas Polska, while the Liebherr R 954 C crawler excavator arrived from Colas Est, France. The machines worth 30 million forints apiece will aid works in the Nógrádkövesd plant.
New product to serve railway construction
On request of one of our partners, we commenced the operational production of SZK2 aggregate mix at our Szob quarry for the Vác-Verőce railway construction project.
Open Day at Tállya
Colas Északkő organised an open day for the fourth time – guests were welcomed by the Tállya quarry on 24 May.
Bank card payment at our plants
Effective from 1 January 2013, the Hungarian state introduced laws imposing limits on commercial cash payments.
Egerbakta Reloaded
Following a several-year-long permitting procedure, this summer saw production relaunched in our Egerbakta plant.
Sponsorship for spectator sports
Contributing to the process of building a healthier society is among the top priorities of Colas Északkő.
Rhyolite tuff in agriculture
In 1986, the company known then as Észak Magyarországi Kőbánya Vállalat (Northern Hungarian Quarrying Company) commissioned the Debrecen University of Agricultural Sciences with carrying out research into the agricultural applications of rhyolite tuff.
Rhyolite tuff in ceramic manufacturing
Hungary’s largest ceramic engineering company has based its technology on our rhyolite tuff grind since the 1980s.

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