Hódmezővásárhely Bypass Under Traffic
With Colas Út, Colas Közlekedésépítő and Colas Hungária all among the major contributors, the 13-kilometre-long Hódmezővásárhely bypass section of main road 47 has been finished in a record-short 18 months. The road was handed over to the traffic on 22 March.
Beams installed on M35 nighttime
More than 30 beams were installed in 10 hours on the bridge of motorway M35 above main road 4 at night on 12 May.
Ground Breaking Ceremony on Motorway M35
The joint bid of Colas Hungária Zrt. and Colas Út Zrt. proved to be the cheapest valid offer for the M35 motorway’s new section between main road 4 and the Debrecen Airport access road (chainages 43+620 - 49+050 km). The 5,430-metre-long motorway leg requires the construction of two overpasses, three underpasses and two interchanges, with a need for nearly one million cubic metres of embankment material. The ground breaking ceremony was held on 6th July, 2016.
National Infrastructure Development Agency Awards Two Tenders to Colas Major Projects Division
The Major Projects Division won tenders for the design and restoration works of the T1 retaining wall on the M0 motorway ring, and the conversion of the Törökbálint interchange of the M0 and M7 motorways.
Dozer Costume Wins!
Our colleague, Máté Szabó's 8 year old son, Bence won the costume contest at the carnival of Debrecen-Csapókert Elementary School. Take all our appreciation for preparing the Caterpillar D9T replica and congratulations to the whole family!
Barrel Rolling Ceremony in Rátót
Celebrating the completion of a bridge by rolling a barrel across it is a longstanding tradition. According to old superstition, being the first to cross a new bridge brings bad luck – therefore, a barrel is rolled across it as soon as the structural works are completed, in order to “divert” the curse onto the barrel. We reinterpreted the tradition somewhat, as the bridge in question is not completely new and we also waited with the ceremony until the bridge was ready for traffic.
Easternmost section of the M3 handed over before deadline
We handed over the section of the M3 motorway between main road 49 and Vásárosnamény on 10 October 2014, before the contractual deadline.
Colas Returns to the M6
Following an order from Porr Építési Kft., Colas Hungária Zrt. built 75,000 m2 of new SMA 11 (mF) 25/55-65 asphalt wearing course on motorway M6 between chainages 76+200 - 104+450. The works were executed between 10 July and 19 August 2014. Milling works were performed by Colas Út as a subcontractor, and we also obtained the hotmix from Colas Út’s Dunaharaszti mixing plant.
Torching on M85
On the Enese-Csorna section of the M85 currently under construction, pipe torching took place on 29 May 2014.
Replantation of protected vegetation on the M85 worksite
During the preparation phase for the M85 project, a number of environmentally sensitive obligations had come up, among them tree cutting works on the Natura 2000 area crossed by the carriageway, and replantation works in order to save specimen of a protected species, the Small-headed Thistle.
Háros Danube Bridge Deck Slab Completed
Thanks to the custom made formwork elements, the composite deck slab of the Háros Danube bridge on motorway M0 is completed.
Electric sportscar on the M0 construction site
The 180 kWh electro-engine of Siemens can propel the Porsche Carrera 997 roadster up to a speed of 220 KPH with zero emission.
Flood control works around Felsőzsolca
Colas Alterra and Colas Hungária are participating in the construction of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County’s complex flood control system set to prevent future flood damages.
Earthworks launched on M3
Large-scale earthworks have started on the newly constructed section of motorway M3.
Suburban Railway Bridge Under Construction in Csepel
In relation with the ridge-road project of Csepel, Southern Budapest, the bridge engineers of Colas Hungary have started the construction of a new suburban railway bridge, which will be built on the old track but 2x2 lane traffic will flow underneath.

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