Software for Environment Friendly Road Construction
Environment and sustainability are primary for Colas Hungária
Eco-Friendly and Energy-Efficient Technologies at This Year's HAPA Conference
The Hungarian Asphalt Pavement Association (HAPA) held its 17th annual conference at the Ramada Aurora Hotel & Resort Lake Balaton in Balatonalmádi on 23-24 February 2016. The event’s main topics revolved around eco-friendly and energy-efficient technologies and testing procedures, along with trends in European standardisation.
Colas Employees' Study Tour at the CST
Several years of fruitful cooperation between Colas Hungária’s Technology Directorate and the Paris campus of Colas SA paved the way for another study tour in France.
Our Constructions Conference in Székelyudvarhely
The Építményeink – Erdély-Partium-Bánság (Our Constructions – Transylvania-Partium-Banat) conference was organised for the third time in 2015, with a Székely city as the venue each year.
Civil Engineering Week at the Budapest University of Technology
The four-day event organised by the Faculty of Civil Engineering was backed by Colas, and featured a lecture by technology director Zoltán Puchard.
Life SustainEuroRoad
The Technology Directorate of Colas Hungária Zrt. (with the assistance of Colas SA) joined the EU-financed LIFE SustainEuroRoad project targeting the drastic reduction of road construction and maintenance activities’ effect on the environment in Europe.
Technology Directorate’s Employee Receives Prestigious Award
Our colleague at Colas Hungária’s Technology Directorate, chief engineer Dr. Ágnes Vinczéné Görgényi was among the 2015 winners of the Hungarian Road Society’s GOLDEN MILESTONE prize.
Compaction days at Bécsi Road
Following an offer from Profi Bagger Kft. and Wirtgen Budapest Kft., we had the chance to master the operation of Bomag’s intelligent compaction system called Asphalt Manager and Hamm’s HCQ Navigator satellite-based documentation application as part of single-day trainings.
Tech day for designers at the Technology Directorate
On 10 February 2015, the Technology Directorate held another of its popular tech days – this time specifically for road designers. Due to the large number of confirmed invitations, we will have to devote at least another day to the programme, with a total number of 80 guests.
Colas at the Innotrends Exhibition
Organised by the National Innovation Office with the cooperation of numerous Hungarian organisations and professional backing from Design Terminal and HIPAVILON Hungarian Intellectual Property Agency, the country’s major international research-development-innovation conference and startup exhibition was held in Budapest’s Akvárium Klub on 16-17 October 2014.
Laboratory Suitability Test of Pothole Repair Mixes
As a common practice, a public procurement procedure is launched each year by Magyar Közút Nonprofit Zrt. for cold pothole repair mixes. The tender description specifies both bitumen emulsion mixes and storable (made with thinned bitumen or special binders), bagged materials having maximum grain sizes of 8 and 11 mm.
Frost and de-icing salt resistant bridge construction concrete mixes in Europe
On 30 July 2014, a conference was held at Colas’ Technology Directorate with the aim of resolving recent issues regarding frost- and de-icing salt resistant concrete mixes in Hungary. The primary goal of the gathering was to inform the participants on standards, specifications, technologies, testing procedures, and qualification methods applied in Hungarian in international practice.
New method for testing binder content
In each country, thousands of tests must be performed every year, and chlorinated carbohydrates – a range of chemicals having various carcinogenic effects – are commonly used as solvents. Initially, the most widely applied solvent was chloroform, which was later replaced by trichloroethylene. However, at Colas, we have already switched over to the application of less dangerous tetrachloroethylene.
The significance of tyre-pavement noise in road construction increases
CPX (close-proximity) measurements are carried out with a special trailer or with microphones fitted onto consoles mounted close to the tyres. The essence of the CPX method lies in the evaluation of signals recorded by microphones set up at a given distance from the vehicle’s or the trailer’s tyres.
Bitumen Foaming Device on the Oros Mixing Plant
We equipped our Benninghoven mixing plant located in Oros – currently producing asphalt for motorway M3 – with a new bitumen foaming device. The Colas-developed unit was mounted onto the machine by colleagues from the Major Projects Division. Operational trials have already been completed, and laboratory testing of the produced asphalt mix is currently under way.
Major HAPA conference
The Hungarian Asphalt Pavement Association (HAPA) held its 15th annual international conference in Balatonalmádi on 25-26 February 2014 with the participation of renowned foreign and Hungarian speakers.
Colas speaker for National Traffic Days
The annual National Traffic Days was held between 5-7 November in Siófok.
Sustainable Roads
With 21st century standards in focus, Colas’ professionals are currently involved in the preparatory work aimed at optimising the road network on the level of the national economy.
Warm mix asphalts at HAPA’s conference
The Hungarian Asphalt Pavement Association (HAPA) held its annual international conference on 25-26 February 2013 with the participation of renowned foreign and Hungarian speakers.
ASFT assessment of the Hungarian high-speed road network
By order of the Hungarian State Motorway Management Company (ÁAK), Colas Hungária’s Technology Directorate performed comprehensive skid-resistance (and surface-roughness) testing of the country’s high-speed road network.
Sustainable mobility through innovation
The TRA (Transport Research Arena) Europe-2012 international conference was held in Athens this year.
Destination Istambul
The fifth EURASPHALT & EUROBITUME Congress was held in Istanbul between 13 and 15 June 2012.
Zoltán Puchard receives the Vásárhelyi Prize
Following the recommendation by the Hungarian Road Society’s Board of Directors, the organisation awarded Colas Technology Director Zoltán Puchard with the Dr. Vásárhelyi Boldizsár Prize.
ASFT assessment in Győr-Moson-Sopron County
The Technology Directorate tested the skid resistance of secondary main roads in Győr-Moson-Sopron County.
Major Hungarian Asphalt Pavement Association (HAPA) conference
The Hungarian Asphalt Pavement Association (HAPA) held its annual international conference with the participation of renowned foreign and Hungarian speakers.
Red Asphalt-Strip Constructed in Budapest
A stretch of red asphalt was constructed in the intersection of Bogdánfy and Budafoki road in the bicycle lane.
Technological training in Noszvaj
The Technology Directorate’s first training session has been held since introducing the new organisational structure.
The Central Lab welcomes Croatian colleagues
Guests from the company group paid a professional visit to the Technology Directorate’s Central Laboratory on 26-27 January 2012.
Study tour at the Colas Group’s Technology Centre
Representing the Technology Directorate, we took a study tour of the Colas Group’s Technology Centre.
Study tour at the CST
Colleagues from the Technology Directorate visited Colas' Technology Centre, the CST (Campus Scientifique et Technique).
EAPA HSE conference in Paris
The European Asphalt Pavement Association’s Health, Safety and Environment Committee held a major conference and committee meeting in Paris in October 2011.
25 Million HUF Support for Colas` R&D Tender
As part of the Regional Development Operative Program (ROP), the Technology Directorate of Colas Hungária submitted a tender application for a grant under the framework of the Central Hungary Operational Programs (KMOP-2009-1.1.4) – “Promoting Company Innovation”. The Managing Authority of ROP determined the tender entitled “The Introduction of Energy-Saving Road Construction Technologies at Colas Hungária Zrt.” – a two-year R&D program – worthy of support.

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