Quality control

Testing the quality and suitability of asphalt products (asphalt mixtures and installed asphalt courses) is one of the Central Laboratory’s main focuses – including the performance of special tests not feasible in any local lab unit of the Colas Group. (E.g. asphalt-mechanical tests, bitumen rheology, conventional and special testing of modified bitumen, comprehensive petrophysical tests, in-situ pavement condition assessment: surface evenness, roughness and special condition assessments)

The Central Lab is in possession of so-called routine competences required for asphalt road construction activities (soils and soil mechanics, mineral base materials and bituminous binders, asphalt mixtures and installed asphalt courses), and the performance of which are requirements for all independent (accredited) road construction laboratories pursuant to Hungarian specifications and regulations.

The Central Laboratory and the network of lab units constantly maintain and expand their accredited testing laboratory status certified by the National Accreditation Board in accordance with the MSZ EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

In addition to the Western- and Eastern Hungarian Laboratories tasked with carrying out production control at mixing sites and providing support for construction activities, the controlling of major projects is assigned to a separate technological division.

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