Rhyolite tuff - agricultural applications

The positive effect of rhyolite tuff on crop yields and soil quality has been known for a long time – following years of work with the involvement of research institutes, colleges, universities and agricultural producers, we managed to identify evidence for those effects. Being a natural material, no negative impact of rhyolite tuff could be detected regarding agricultural applications – we only managed to verify productive effects on vegetation and soil life.

Its numerous advantages include the alkalising effect on acidic soils, the enhancement of soil respiration, the absorption of moisture, and excellent cost-efficiency. By applying 2-3 kg of rhyolite tuff per square metre, the spreading of Zn, Mg, Ca, Fe and K can be saved, as rhyolite tuff renders the supplementation of those elements unnecessary. In addition, the effects of the material last as long as 5-8 years. Due to intensified photosynthesis, CO2 assimilation increases, leading to the generation of additional amounts of sugar phosphate, which ultimately results in better yields.

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