Colas Tests Eco-Friendly Anti-Adhesive

Location: Csepel Starting date of works: 2012. 04. 04. Date of completion: 2012. 04. 06.

A trial of the plant-based BIOTEC 5100 fluid took place on the site of Colas Út’s first major asphalt paving job in 2012, the Csepel external ridge-road. We were looking for a material suitable for pre-treatment and regular lubrication purposes during the work process without causing quality defects. A specialist of the anti-adhesive agent’s manufacturer, French company VÉGÉTAL BIOTEC, was on site to provide us with detailed information on the fluid’s characteristics and present its actual application. Technical experts participating in the demonstration – site managers, foremen, equipment managers, and paving team members – received comprehensive training to be put to use during everyday works.

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