My dad works here too Colas Hungária
My dad works here too

2019. 06. 16..

With road construction at the heart of our activities, road safety is a crucial element of our daily business.
However, road safety relies heavily on those who utilize the road. Having a perfectly organized and secured construction site that is subject to road traffic and third-party vehicles on a daily basis automatically involves a certain amount of risk.

The “My dad works here, too” signs have been in use since 2015 at Hungarian work sites exposed to third-party traffic. Various feedback from the public and media attention suggest that the campaign has gained broad recognition in Hungary, and the message seems to have reached its target audience, as no fatal accidents in the country have been attributed to the aforementioned reasons up to this point.

Colas Europe chose to launch a visually powerful safety campaign in the entire region with the aim of increasing drivers’ awareness and reduceing the risk faced by our employees working on sites traversed by traffic.

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