December 2023 – Volume 27, Issue 3 Colas Hungária

We asked our CEO about 2023 and the state of the construction industry.

The CEO of Develor spoke about the labour market situation.

We report on datas and interesting facts about the implementation.

In Focus – Interview with CEO and President: “Our greatest strength is our employees”
In Focus – What happened in 2023?
Focus on what we’re doing in 2023
In Focus – Interview with Zsolt Pozvai: “Artificial intelligence must be seen as an opportunity to be more efficient, more creative, faster”
In Focus – Interview with Zsuzsanna Dr Máté-Palotai and Gábor Nemes: “Successful leadership steps”
Our Work 2023
Portraits – “This is what a good leader looks like”
Our work abroad – Colas around the world: 15 years in Australia
Outlook – Meeting point: Australia
Company life – The gates of the Szob mine opened at the Colas North Stone event
Company life – North Stone: loyalty and commitment to the Tokaj-Hegyalja region
Company life -Mining challenges in 2023
Company life -The transformation of the Bocskai office building
Company life -Contractor liability in the event of a gas pipeline break
Innovation – Construction of an experimental noise reduction envelope
Innovation – First application of OMV LE bitumen in Hungary and current results of WMA production
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