March 2022 – volume 26, issue 1 Colas Hungária

An assistant professor in the Department of Road and Railway Construction talks about the position of women in the technical field and what attracted her to the field of architecture.

The reconstruction of overpass over the MÁV tracks between Újpalota and Zugló had many surprises and changes.

Colas Project starts to develop public transport for a small principality in the Indian Ocean with a population of 300,000.

Interview with Dr. Igazvölgyi Zsuzsanna
Colas projects in 2021
40,075 kilometers of challenge that set us on a new path
Gender Equality: Colas has also joined the #StOpE initiative
Colas is also joining Girls’ Day
Gender equality at the Colas Group – through the eyes of women and men
We want to become a family-friendly workplace
Construction of a container terminal in Debrecen
GATE GOES, GATE COMES: Here’s the new “program”
Modernization of the Csömöri street overpass
The annual event of the production managers was successful
Reconstruction works on tram line 50
Regional water plant development in Zsámbék
Construction of the Ipoly Bridge between Ipolydamásd and Helemba (Part 2)
Interview with Isabelle Taniere
Meeting point: Mayotte
The role of geotechnics within the Colas Central European Directorate (CED)
Mechanical engineering through the female eye
Why is the LOTO rule life-saving?
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