May 2010 – Volume 14, Issue 2 Colas Hungária
“Pathfinding” at the Motorway Directorate
Recapping the Past: M6 Motorway in Two Years
A Historical Overview of the M31 Motorway Imp lementation Works
Expansion of the Second Southern Stretch of M0
Managerial Team–building with survival tour
COLAS SA projects worldwide
The M3-M31 Traffic Junction
Bridge construction incrossing roads nr.8.& 72.
Structural Engineering at the Motorway Directorate
Expansion of the Tiszaújváros Thermal Bath
Road Resurfacing on M3 Motorway
Construction of the Rákospalota Boundary Road
Expansion of the North-Pest Sewage Treatment Plant
Meeting Point: Gödöllő
Charity and Motorway Construction
Our colleagues
The T2 Retaining Wall of M0 Ring Road
Our success at COLAS Ski challenge
Final Inspection of M6 for Environmental Compliance
Nature and Environmental Protection in the Preliminary Work of M0
Colas Hungária