May 2016 – Volume 20, Issue 1 Colas Hungária
A Giant Leap in Small Shoes
Interview with Zoltán Bánfy, Tender Director of Colas Hungária MPD
Interview with Balázs Bőhm, Technical Director of Colas Északkő
Interview with István Dudás, Equipment Manager of Colas Alterra
Interview with Zoltán Szöllősi, Equipment Manager of Colas Út
Successful Transformations: Interview with Sándor Tóth
25 Years of Colas Északkő – János Krizsanyik: 40 Years on the Frontline of Quarrying
“There Are 360 Degrees, So Why Stick With Just One?”
Flood Damage Restoration Works Along the Danube
Colas Restores Flood-Control Wall in Óbuda
Reconstructed Depots for New Trams
Improving Traffic Safety Through Road Reconstructions
Meeting Point: Visegrád
Colas Mozaik Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary
The Colas Central European Football Tournament Makes a Return
The Mines of Colas Északkő – Part 1: Nógrádkövesd
EPB Conference in Székelyudvarhely
Growing Safety and Environmental Requirements
Internal Training at the Technology Directorate
Technology Directorate Organises Pavement-Design Trade Day
Eco-Friendly and Energy-Efficient Technologies at This Year’s HAPA Conference
Colas Employees’ Study Tour at the CST
Alterra Holds Training for Production Managers in Balatonkenese
Colas Hungária