New technology in Colas’ portfolio: Latexfalt Colas Hungária
New technology in Colas' portfolio: Latexfalt

2016. 12. 10..

Colas and Latexfalt have recently reached an agreement regarding the application of the Latexfalt technology that has been used for installing over one million square metres of flooring in France up to now.

Latexfalt is the best way to renovate industrial floors, warehouses, logistics buildings, workshops, underground car parks, and exhibition halls. Due to its excellent adaptability, it can be used on a large variety of subgrades (concrete, macadam, tiles, paving blocks, etc.). The 15-25-mm-thick industrial bituminous screed is basically a cold mix of stone chips, sand, cement, and mineral additives bonded by bitumen emulsion, which is exclusively meant for indoor use. The resulting floor is special insofar as it provides a smooth surface without any construction joints.

Anti-dust and anti-skid Latexfalt is a durable and easy-to-maintain coating, which means more comfort and safety. One of its special features is that it is sound- and shock-absorbent, which is highly favourable when used by forklift trucks and similar machines, as the surface ensures an ergonomic working environment, and extends the lifespan of the equipment. Requiring little preparation, Latexfalt is an exceptionally competitive and economical product. The surface can be walked on two days after installation, and used by heavy traffic after five days, thus reducing operating losses. The material is mixed cold in-situ and is smoke-free and odourless. A temperature above 5°C is the sole condition of installation. The long list of references includes French carmaker Peugeot, the exhibition centres of Madrid and Bilbao, and logistics firms such as DHL, as well as numerous retail-store chains, including Spar, Aldi, METRO, and IKEA.

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