The border bridge, lost in a flood 22 years ago, now is being rebuilt Colas Hungária
The border bridge, lost in a flood 22 years ago, now is being rebuilt

2022. 08. 16..

As previously reported, the two parts of the project in Hungary are being invested in by National Infrastructure Developing Zrt., while the Slovakian side is being carried out by Nitriansky samosprávny kraj.

The cross-border connection will be developed in 3 parts:

  • in the first part, Colas Közlekedésépítő Zrt. is building a border bridge between the two countries on the Ipoly river,
  • in the second part, Colas Út Zrt. will construct a 540 m long access road to the bridge on the Hungarian side,
  • In the third part of the project, Colas Slovakia will build a 175-metre-long connecting road on the Slovak side of the bridge.

The asphalt pavement of the bridge will be ready in July

The total length of the first part of the Ipoly Bridge is 71 metres, spanning the river with a single opening. The structure is a top track, steel beam design.

Last time, we reported that the steel main beams of the structure had been removed.

According to a statement by NIF Zrt., the contractors have since completed the sealing of the road barrier rails on both edges, the installation of the pavement drains, and the asphalting of the bridge deck will begin at the end of July. The bridge will also have a cyclist crossing, which will connect to the Szob – Ipolydamásd route on the Hungarian side as part of the EuroVelo6 international cycle route network.

A weight restriction of 3.5 tonnes will be introduced on the bridge, so that only pedestrians, cyclists and cars will be allowed on the bridge.

Work is progressing well on both sides

Contractors have recently completed a significant amount of work on both the Hungarian and Slovak connecting roads. For the second part, the Hungarian side of the road will branch off from the roundabout junction at 1201 j. On this section of road 12135 j, the kerbing works have been completed and the construction of the concrete embedded thermal stone pavement has started, and on road 1201 j., the name of the municipality has already been written in square letters on the central island of the roundabout.

Finally, in the third part of the project, the construction of the 175-metre road connecting the Slovak side of the bridge to the Ipoly river is progressing according to plan. In connection with the road, the utility replacement works and the construction of the backfill for the Slovakian side bridge continued.

By joining forces, the mobility of labour between the two countries can be improved and the investment can serve as a pillar for the development of bilateral cross-border relations between the two V4 Member States. The development is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2023.

Colas Hungária