M30 motorway - Colas Közlekedésépítő
M30 motorway
We started building the section of the M30 motorway between chainages 59+320 and 64+700 km in March 2018, and the project is scheduled to be concluded by September 2021. During the entire span of the works, we are to install some 85,400 tonnes of asphalt, 33,000 cubic metres of cement-based stabilisation, as well as 630,000 cubic metres of embankment material in line with the relevant standards. As part of the job, we are required the build a multi-level interchange near Encs, corrections on two nearby main roads, four parallel dirt roads, and one access road to a nearby industrial site. In addition, Colas Közlekedésépítő was assigned with building all 21 engineering structures on the complete project (M30 40+500-64+700), as well as four walkways and bike roads.

Starting date: 19/03/2018Kezdés: 2018.03.19.

Completion date: 30/09/2021Befejezés: 2021.09.30.

Length: 5.38 kmHossz: 5.38 km
Section: 59+320-64+700Szelvény: 59+320-64+700
Asphalt: 85 400 tAszfalt: 85 400 t
Concrete: 33 000 m3Beton: 33 000 m3
Number of structures: 21Műtárgyak száma: 21
Colas Hungária