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Bridge reconstructions on the M5 motorway
The Major Projects Division won the tender launched by BKK (Centre for Budapest Transport) regarding the reconstruction of the bridges located on the urban section of motorway M5.

Our contract, signed in mid-August, is valid until the end of the year. By being awarded the works, the MDP was tasked with renovating the bridges over Gyáli Road and Illatos Road, and over Határ Road, which requires special care and attention due to heavy traffic. Since the complete closure of the affected road sections is not an option, works on the overpasses were split into two phases involving the closure of half of the carriageway, while works proceed lane-by-lane
under the bridges. Nevertheless, the road operator’s strict requirements often force us to perform works in night shifts. The tracks of the recently reconstructed tramline 3 also cross the job site, leaving us only a two-hour window each night to perform the works affecting the tracks – the only alternative would be to shut down tram traffic completely.

The first step is to dismantle the pavement layers, the reinforced-concrete edges, and the waterproofing on the bridges (having a surface of 500 and 2,100 square metres, respectively). Subsequently, steel edges are to be installed with
additional service walkways on both sides, and a reinforced-concrete edge in the median strip – after the RMA waterproofing, but still before the asphalt courses. We are refurbishing all visible surfaces on the substructure, as well as the adjacent retaining walls. The bridges have been damaged by water ingress on numerous spots: during rainfalls, water streams on the abutment beam’s gaps put smaller waterfalls to shame, and the concrete surfaces are heavily carbonated at several points, requiring us to prepare for installing shotcrete on nearly 1,000 square metres. The renovated and cleaned surfaces will be covered with approximately 7,000 square metres of anti-corrosion and anti-graffiti coatings, making the robust overpasses able to stand the test of time in a condition also pleasing to the eye.

Starting date: 15/08/2016Kezdés: 2016.08.15.

Completion date: 30/12/2016Befejezés: 2016.12.30.

Location: Budapest

Colas Hungária