Flood control works in the Felsőzsolca region - Colas Közlekedésépítő
Flood control works in the Felsőzsolca region
The circular embankment around Felsőzsolca is composed of slurry wall compartments. The primary line of defence comprises 1.5- to two-m-high parapet walls built on reinforced concrete slurry walls with a five-metre average depth. Slurry walls are meant to cut off water leakages in the permeable, gravelly subsoil at the time of floods. The endangered village of Ónod, situated on the Sajó’s floodplains, is protected by a 2,642-m-long circular embankment that exceeds the design flood level by +1 m. The material quantity to be incorporated into the embankment is approximately 150,000 m3.  In the vicinity of Bódvarákó and Bódvaszilas, three auxiliary reservoirs are constructed on the upstream section of the Bódva Creek to enhance effective flood prevention efforts. The elevation of embankments on an aggregate length of 4,726 m is to be set +0.5 m above the design flood level. With the maximum flood levels, storage of nearly one million m3 of water becomes feasible.

Client: Vízügyi Környezetvédelmi Központi Igazgatóság

Starting date: 09/03/2011Kezdés: 2011.03.09.

Completion date: 30/06/2011Befejezés: 2011.06.30.

Location: Ónod

Length: 300 + 375 + 2 642 + 712 mHossz: 300 + 375 + 2 642 + 712 m
Earthworks: 150 000 + 180 000 m3Földmunka: 150 000 + 180 000 m3
Area: 53 000 m2Terület: 53 000 m2
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