M6 Motorway Szekszárd-Véménd - Colas Közlekedésépítő
M6 Motorway Szekszárd-Véménd
The Motorway Directorate of Colas Hungária Zrt. constructed the largest among the projects of Colas Group so far: Motorway M6 between Szekszárd and Véménd (between chainages 141+300 and 172+982 km). In addition to 33 different structures and 4 interchanges (including the cloverleaf interchange of M6 and M9) the construction of the 33 km long, double two-lane motorway section includes 4 large bridges above channel Sió and creek Csele and across the valley of Szebény and Palotabozsok. During the undertaking, which involves the relocation of more than 100 public utilities, 6.25 million m3 of earthworks, 700 000 m3 of improving layer, 190 000 m3 of CKT and nearly 400 000 tons of asphalt had been constructed. In order to satisfy the considerable material demands of the project, the Motorway Directorate established mixing plants near Bátaszék, Szekszárd and Véménd, where we also produced 85 000 m3 of structural concrete for the bridges. The motorway’s Operation and Maintenance Centre of Bátaszék also belonged to our scope, just as well as the construction of the complex rest area of Geresd and the simple rest area of Sárköz.

Client: Ministry of Economy and Transport

Starting date: 02/12/2007Kezdés: 2007.12.02.

Completion date: 31/03/2010Befejezés: 2010.03.31.

Location: Tolna and Baranya counties

Length: 30 kmHossz: 30 km
Section: 141+300-172+982Szelvény: 141+300-172+982
Number of lanes: 2x2 + leállósávSávok száma: 2x2 + leállósáv
Asphalt: 385 000 tAszfalt: 385 000 t
Concrete: 190 000 m3Beton: 190 000 m3
Earthworks: 5 300 000 m3Földmunka: 5 300 000 m3
Number of structures: 33Műtárgyak száma: 33
Colas Hungária