Szentgotthárd dam - Colas Közlekedésépítő
Szentgotthárd dam
The Western-Transdanubian Water Directorate signed the contract with Colas Hungária Zrt. on 16 April 2012 for reconstruction works of the dam on the river Rába at Szentgotthárd. Major aspects of the job to be performed are:
maintaining some of the water-level regulatory functions; technical and structural assessment and modernisation of the dam; and environmental assessment and modernisation, ensuring the conditions for tourism.

Client: Western-Transdanubian Water Directorate

Starting date: 17/04/2012Kezdés: 2012.04.17.

Completion date: 16/04/2013Befejezés: 2013.04.16.

Location: Szentgotthárd

Concrete: 1 200 m3Beton: 1 200 m3
Concrete steel: 110 tBetonacél: 110 t
Colas Hungária