Archaeological sensation on the M30 - Colas Közlekedésépítő
Archaeological sensation on the M30

2019. 09. 03..

Hungary’s largest known bronze-age cemetery was explored by the employees of Salisbury Archaeology Kft. on the future path of the M30 near the town of Encs. They located a cemetery that once belonged to the so-called Füzesabony culture. So far, archaeologists identified some 1200 graves, but they expect the remains of further 800 people to be recovered from the ground. As they underlined, this site could become a cornerstone of research into bronze-age civilisations in the next 20 years. The explored cemetery is approximately 3600 years old, plus/minus 100 years. Although 80% of the graves have been raided, a lot of objects were found in the vicinity of the tombs – including pieces of odd-shaped pottery, jewellery made of metal, hair rings.

Multiple groups of archaeologists are working on the M30 site, including the experts of the Herman Ottó Museum, the Hungarian National Museum, and archaeologist team from the University of Szeged.



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