Bridges on the Debrecen bypass of main road 4 - Colas Közlekedésépítő
Bridges on the Debrecen bypass of main road 4
The 2×1 lane Debrecen bypass crosses over the Debrecen-Tiszalök railway line, and there is a game pass right across the Nagyerdő forest. Being the subcontractor to Colas Út Zrt., Colas Hungária Zrt. was responsible for the construction of these two engineering structures. The structure of the MÁV crossover was made of reinforced concrete slab supplemented with reinforced, factory-manufactured 90-cm-high concrete bridge girders complete with quadruple support. Its foundation is embedded using the usual 80 CFA drilled set of piles, starting off from the backfill built up to the working level at the bridgeheads, with interim supports directly adjacent to the railway lines. Given the proximity of the railways, the construction pit of the two pile clamps next to the railway lines had to be protected using sheeting while the pile clamps were being installed. Within the section, there is a four-support monolith  reinforced concrete game passage with sloping ridge ribs. At the bridgehead points, relief filling has been installed so that 90% of settlement was over within a month.

Client: Nemzeti Infrastruktúra Fejlesztő Zrt.

Starting date: 10/09/2010Kezdés: 2010.09.10.

Completion date: 29/07/2011Befejezés: 2011.07.29.

Location: Debrecen

Length: 75 + 33 mHossz: 75 + 33 m
Concrete: 1 200 m3Beton: 1 200 m3
Number of supports: 4 + 4Támaszok száma: 4 + 4
Concrete steel: 120 tBetonacél: 120 t
Number of piles: 28 + 22Cölöpök száma: 28 + 22
Pile length: 546.2 mCölöphossz: 546.2 m
Colas Hungária