Rátót bridge renovation - Colas Közlekedésépítő
Rátót bridge renovation
Colas Hungária’s Major Projects Division is currently working on the modernisation of the Rátóti railway overpass between Szentgotthárd and Körmend.

As a technological requirement for the structure’s reinforcement, the traffic of the crossing main road is to be completely diverted, rendering it necessary to establish a temporary detour section on main road 8 from chainage 178+200 on the north to 178+632 in the south. The new, 16 cm thick deck slab is 1.8 m wider, and is to be installed on the existing main girders and 20 cm thick deck slab. The reinforcement of main girders will be carried out using carbon fibre lamellas and rebar placed into the new deck slab.

On the section affected by the correction, the width of the adjoining road bed is to be increased to match the width of the bridge. Therefore, the current 9-9.5 m crown width is increased to 10 m. As the lateral extension of the embankment and the use of new plots are not feasible due to the existing retaining walls, the localised widening must be carried out with small cantilever walls erected on top of the road embankment.

Client: Magyar Közút Nonprofit Zrt.

Starting date: 07/05/2014Kezdés: 2014.05.07.

Completion date: 15/11/2014Befejezés: 2014.11.15.

Location: Rátót

Earthworks: 2 700 m3Földmunka: 2 700 m3
Structural concrete: 450 m3Szerkezeti beton: 450 m3
Concrete steel: 68 tBetonacél: 68 t
Bite: 300 m3Marás: 300 m3
Colas Hungária