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Improving the infrastructure of Városliget, Budapest
The City Park project included the development of infrastructure (utilities and roads) around the Museum of Ethnography, the Hungarian House of Music and the Promenade, as well as the engineering works for the groundwater wells in the City Park.

Technical data:

Wifi and camera network
Installation of 2 pedestrian crossings
Installation of a transformer station (maximum power 1000 kVA, weight 36 t)
Construction of street lighting (154 luminaires, 4.6 km of cable laying)

In addition, irrigation, water connections, drainage, sewers, 0.4 kV network, road were constructed.

Client: Városliget Zrt.

Starting date: 08/02/2021Kezdés: 2021.02.08.

Completion date: 31/05/2024Befejezés: 2024.05.31.

Location: Budapest, Városliget

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