2020. 10. 21..

The aim of the project is to create the necessary conditions for making the regulation of the water level of Lake Balaton more flexible, which can be achieved by the complete reconstruction of large artefacts built in the inner area of ​​Siófok and by arranging the bed of the Sió canal.

The most spectacular element of the project is the reconstruction of large hydraulic engineering works, which began in November 2019. The ship’s lock is currently being dismantled. In Balatonkilitin, the slopes will be formed in the downstream and upstream parts of the structure, as well as the construction of the stone sealing beams, after which the installation of the reinforced concrete on the inner walls of the dam will begin. Reconstruction of the smaller structures crossing the Sió Canal, for which a work permit is already available, will soon begin. Subcontracting for the implementation of the other project elements is currently underway.

During the construction, we used the following building materials in large quantities: rebar, concrete, stabilization (crushed stone, gravel), geotextile, sheet metal.

The project is expected to be completed on November 19, 2022, in 38 months.

Photo: Kornél Csordás

Colas Hungária