Pest-Northern flood protection section No 35 - Colas Alterra
Pest-Northern flood protection section No 35
The following works are being carried out by Colas Alterra during the construction of the Pest-Northern part of the flood protection section No. 35:

  • water main replacement, reinforcement
  • replacement of electrical utilities
  • construction of a parapet wall
  • waterproofing of the earth embankment
  • construction of a maintenance road

Technical data: replacement of DN 1400 GÖV water mains on 53 fm, replacement of DN 1600 GÖV water mains on 228 fm.

Client: Budapest Főváros Önkormányzata

Starting date: 23/12/2022Kezdés: 2022.12.23.

Completion date: 30/09/2024Befejezés: 2024.09.30.

Location: Budapest

Colas Hungária