Budapest Sewage Project 3 - Southern Buda Link-Up
As part of the Southern Buda main network, the Southern Buda link-up for the BCISD (Budapest Complex Integrated Sewage Disposal) III project was constructed by Colas Alterra. The investment – ordered by Budapest City Hall and managed by ENVIRODUNA – affected Districts XXII and XI of the Hungarian capital. The network segment runs under Ady Endre Street up to the border of Budaörs, and the construction works were performed by Colas Alterra. Following the sewer construction phase, Colas Út joined in to carry out asphalt-paving and other road building works.

Client: Budapest Mayor's Office

Starting date: 10/03/2015Kezdés: 2015.03.10.

Completion date: 10/11/2015Befejezés: 2015.11.10.

Location: Budapest

Length: 4 000 mHossz: 4 000 m
Lifting: 80 cm concrete / 60/90 and 50/75 fiberglass-reinforcedÁtemelő: 80 cm concrete / 60/90 and 50/75 fiberglass-reinforced
Colas Hungária